Looking for a good guide for a beginner!

So, i was already playing eve online and even joined a corporation, but i never found the way to progress or get any fun, so now i decided to return to this game and want to find a good guide that will set me on the right path

  • Read tons of wikis
  • watch tons of youtubes
  • realise that EVE is a meritocracy, a competitive sandbox. Act accordingly
  • realise that most players are horrible at this game, so don’t just easily accept what they tell you (which also includes me, obviously) and don’t be scared of older players. Just because they have played longer or have bigger or more expensive ships, doesn’t mean they’re not clueless assclowns. If you put in the effort you can outdo them.
  • don’t pick the obvious, boring or easy/safe play styles
  • pick something to do that is outside your comfort zone, forcing you to experience new things
  • pick something to do that isn’t easy but rather hard, forcing you to learn, advance and grow as a player
  • pick something to do that involves other players, in whatever form or way. Be it positive or negative
  • if something is boring to you, don’t lie to yourself about how it will become better if you’d just do [x, y or z]. Stop doing it, right now. If It’s boring now, it’ll still be boring later on with a bigger or better ship
  • have standards, don’t just join the first clown group that comes along your way
  • realise that if things go wrong, it is ALWAYS your own fault. This is the only way to learn to get better. The second you blame others for what happened, you effectively give yourself an excuse to not have to improve because there was nothing you could have done about it, right?
  • choices have consequences. If you don’t like the consequences of your choices, make different choices.
  • accept that failure will happen. Don’t be scared of failing, they are great learning moments (as long as you put in the effort to actually learn from them).
  • realise that what is holding you back is not a lack of skill points, ship size, ship type, ship cost or your wallet. The only thing holding you back is your own lack of initiative.

If you keep to that then whatever you choose to do, it won’t be boring, it will be interesting and it will make you a better player.

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You can check here: Resources for the New Citizen!

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