Are there any links in the chronicles to the Triglavian story?

Deep in the backstory chronicles of EVE there is a rich tapestry of stories. There are commonly used adjectives such as grinning that lure the reader into comparing previous instances of storyline where the adjective seemed important enough to warrant inclusion.

Would anyone draw upon this set to illustrate potential literary links within EVE’s back story that could have added preamble to the Triglavian race?

One of the chronicles that seems to include a vague reference that may have operated as a muse in the Triglavian story is Hona is Three ( )

It appears to reference an asteroid that may resemble one of the more recent plot devices in the form of an ancient hub:

“It finally happened when I was headed through Angel space…”

“We talked for a while. She sounded distant; not for lack of commitment to our conversation, but as someone who now lived somewhere very far off from the rest of us…”

“I understood what they were - and they had found themselves drawn here, to this living rock. I asked them how they got food and oxygen here, and she said the rock provided. I enquired whether they were as safe from prying eyes here as she had been after her accident, and she said the rock gave them all the protection they needed…”

Although, I’m probably mistaken.

Hona was also a character in The Black Mountain series:

There was also a lengthy discussion in 2010 on the meanings conveyed by Chronicles:


The Triglavian lore is a very deep and mystical aspect of the history of New Eden. You will most likely find their beginnings in the tales of travelers to New Eden that were caught in the collapse of the Eve Gate. When they didn’t show up on the Earth side nor the New Eden side of the wormhole, they had to go somewhere right?

A wormhole isn’t a black hole, it doesn’t crush objects passing across its event horizon. A wormhole transports objects across vast distances of space time. When a wormhole collapses, it can be theorized that matter such as asteroids, comets and even planets can pulled into the wormhole.

Once inside of the wormhole the objects remain static inside of the wormhole as they do not have any exit point trajectory which traveling through a wormhole an object must have. An object cannot have a trajectory close to the initial insertion point on the surface of the wormhole because the wormhole is transfer conduit to a distant location.

Without having an exit point the objects become trapped inside of the wormhole until it collapses, which is much like a balloon being pulled at both ends. The open end of the balloon is the exit point where the energy from the system where the black hole that created the one end of the wormhole exists. The balloon part of the wormhole being the part of the gravitational anomaly between two black holes where the gravity from both black holes has created the exit horizon between the two black holes.

At some point magnetic re-connection took place that created the wormhole between the two black holes. As the two colliding and merging black holes form into a single black hole the life of the wormhole slowly diminishes. Once the merger is complete the magnetic re-connection that took place that created the wormhole not longer exists thus causing the wormhole to dissipate.

Once the wormhole dissipates the matter that was became trapped inside of the wormhole is ejected into space or could create its own space based on the size of the merger black holes.

Since Triglavian space is very small but is able to be accessed it can theorized that the Triglavian’s are experts in black hole and wormhole mechanics and could even possibly have a very large civilization living near a Super Giant Black Hole where they use the gravity of the black hole as a means of generating Abyssal Space in which they live.

…but then again this is all ancient lore and myth.

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I saw a reference an exact use of the name triglavian in the chronicle sine wave omega or sine wave alpha.Those 2 unfortunately are written more like a block of useless words it’s a miracle I noticed it at all while skimming through it.

If you got the will to read those 2 you’ll find a very brief mention of them in a dialogue

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Have a link?

Yea it’s called Google it

There a lot of little links and comparisons that suggest the Trigs have an origin within known factional bounds in New Eden - I made a post about it here: A Triglavian Theory: Derived from the Enheduanni

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