Are these facial augmentations in the game yet?

There seem to be few facial items in the market place that are not sold anywhere in the game, not only that there seems too be no trading history of these items at all, period.

Women’s ‘Imkuradori’ Facial Augmentation
Women’s ‘Shadowglam’ Facial Augmentation
Men’s ‘Barbatus Glimmer’ Facial Augmentation

These are just a few examples. Also I have just came back to eve after about a year away and I am sure i saw the Shadowglam item on the market back then. Are these items that have been abandoned by CCP? Or will they be released at some point?

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There’s lot’s of items in the Database that haven’t been seeded into the game.

Some items listed in the Database will probably never be released, other items are probably saved to be released as ‘Limited Edition’ items for events, some items were available for a limited time, players bought those items and every once in a while will place them on market.

For example, Women’s ‘Gunner’ Jacket (Sisters Of Eve) is not currently available and has no market history whereas Women’s ‘Gunner’ Jacket (Amarr) is also not currently available but does have a market history. So basically the SOE Jacket hasn’t been seeded while the Amarr Jacket has been seeded but it’s just not being sold at this time.

The 3 items you listed don’t have a market history so I believe they haven’t been seeded into the game…yet.


Thanks for the information.

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