Women's 'Imkuradori" facial augmentation. Oasis of Faith skins for Amarr

Was wondering how or where can we get these items? Thanks

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Expect them to be rewards in coming events. Or expect an ad in the launcher in due time for the NES.

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Oasis of faith skin?! *ears perk
I might actually make a rare skin purchase, then!

Not a patch on Marshlight.

Want my Green Budgie now.

maybe @CCP will grant me one for my plex for good donatiosn :crossed_fingers:

:nauseated_face: The skins look like crap and I wouldn’t even want them for free much less pay for them.

imo said skins:

I don’t need your negativity nor do you contribute to the topic. Make your own thread to vomit your hate

You big meanie!

Please get off this forums. Many of your replies have been very rude to other people. Be happy, get some help, get a life.

Love peace and happiness to all.

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