Don't give expiring skins for Omega rewards

really just feels cheap and lame


I tend to agree.

So far pretty much 99.9% of the SKINs that I’ve had are of absolutely no use to me whatsoever (I either don’t have that type of ship or the SKINs are bleurgh…) so I immediately sell them, if I can be bothered. I’d much rather get something that is of actual use, like a random skill book or something like that.

While we’re on the subject of SKINs, for what it’s worth, my all-time favourites were the Rosada Dawn SKINs that came out in 2016 (

I loved the fact that the RL money generated from the sale of these SKINs went to charity - specifically to Bleika Slaufan (The Pink Ribbon Campaign. If you’re interested, here’s a version of the website translated into English, for those who’s Icelandic, is rusty or non-existent: and on top of all of this, they were a really lovely shade of pink too!

Sadly they were only available in 2016, briefly and for a limited time in the New Eden Store.

I would love to see CCP bring these back and make them generally available for all ships as an ongoing thing. I’d be very happy to support breast cancer awareness by getting these SKINs for every ship I own.

And if it’s not possible to do this as an ongoing thing, could we at least please have them available every year during Breast Cancer Awareness Month CCP, please?

Tagging @CCP_Aurora just to (hopefully) get this on the CCP radar…

What if CCP split down the middle and gave permanent SKINs to Omegas and expiring SKINs to Alpha?

(Not a suggestion, just a hypothetical to add fuel to the fire :fire:)

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