Are you a small pvp corp looking for a great community?

We are a PvP Alliance with a strong Indy backbone provided by our null sec Indy Corps and we’re looking for new, up and coming PvP Corps to come join us. Come and talk to us on our discord to find out more

If you are active and engaged and enjoy the PvP side of the game and want plenty of opportunities for your members to make Isk and do the other elements of the game that they want to do then come talk to us.

We have all the usual services you’d expect from an established null sec Alliance.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to be in the right environment with the right support in the right community for your PvP Corp to grow and thrive in null sec.


hey come talk to us for a great boost to your Corp

Looking for smaller PvP Corps who want to grow… and shoot stuff

join us to build your pvp corp

great home where you’ll count and not just be counted

Come talk to us about your future

come on in there is blood in the water and it isn’t ours :grin:

come talk to us

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