No, I can speak for the objective best use case in the CURRENT STATE of the Arena.

Not knowing future development plans does not invalidate the observations of players. Based on the current use of the Arena, adding 1v1 events is a poor decision.

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You spelled subjective wrong.

Your reading comprehension could use some work.

this :smiley:

Why would that be the best arena experience though? I would say, as with everything in EVE, ‘it depends’.

Some people would have the best arena experience when they fight ‘fair fights’. Some people have the best experience when they can easily beat enemies with their significantly more expensive ships. Some people have the best experience when they can easily farm wins by joining a FFA with friends and/or alts.

There is no ‘objective best experience’ for arenas. People have different tastes… which leads to your last point:

Some people (of which some who already are losing billions with the HyperNet or have asked CCP to turn it off for them due to their addiction) really do like pure luck matchups.

My best arena experience would be when it’s fun to participate, easy to get into (so no match fixing, blinged ships or alt abuse) and the leaderboard actually represents player skill instead of amount of hours spent.

I don’t see why you’re digging yourself into this.

You decided to pop into the thread and be contrarian but offer no actual discussion points, and for some reason decided to double down on your stance supporting a bad decision.

1v1 frigate arenas are dumb, full stop.

Don’t try to make a silly parallel between these two types of players. It doesn’t work.

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no they are not
they are one of my favorite parts of the game
why some people like to say things they dont like are dumb?

no it is not

I didn’t realize you were already playing 1v1 frigate arenas.
Maybe when you play the same game we are, you’ll be able to follow along.


ofc im talking about frigates 1v1
by your logic i can say didn’t realize you could see the future

How is it a silly parallel?

Gambling on the arena or gambling on the hypernet will both draw people who enjoy pure luck on an ongoing basis, something which Mkikaden said ‘rarely happens’.
I’ve seen it before in another game (Runescape) where 1v1 duels with pure luck matchup were the basis for gambling large amounts of ingame money.

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I know it’s a matter of opinion, but in EVE? The needle swings to it being dumb. Like you, most of my EVE PvP career consists of solo or very small group action, so I’m not throwing my chips in the pot without some understanding of this.

Any sort of 1 vs. 1 engagement devolves into two ships either motionlessly kissing each other, or one is kiting another, which has no chance to respond. At least when you add other players into the mix, positioning becomes an actual factor in the fight. But a 1 vs 1? It comes out to which setup beats the other, and nothing more. I think you actually do agree, deep down, that this is the case.

1v1 Frigate Arenas

Fixed spawn points at current iteration: congratulations, only kitey ships will win because brawling ships have no opportunity to catch up before kitey ships gain speed with their MWDs.

Randomized spawn points: congrats, now whether or not you win is random. “I only lost because we randomly spawned close and he was able to scram me before I picked up enough speed with my MWD”.

Likely end result: everyone just flies Garmurs and Slicers (Retributions if we’re going T2 frigates), and it just ends up being whose skills are better to apply dps at range. overwhelming majority of brawling frigates will become unfavored since you can’t catch a 2km/s Garmur or Slicer with an AB Merlin.

Wow, so much fun.


No one is forcing you to join in.


Nobody is stopping us from saying it’s a bad idea upfront either.


no i don’t
yesterday i was in a plex with a punisher that don’t have a prop
i saw a garmur
omg im F
he will enter , take distance before i can lock him , and shot me to death…
but I’m beam , and i have radio, maybe i could win , stayed
he entered , took distance , start to shot me, i put radio shot him
he track disrupt me to death
i was not prepared for that , it was cool , many fights many moments
its all but dumb IMO

I find stating opinion as fact annoying. And Scoots does nothing but that.

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You were in a plex. Do you realize that this instantly changes your circumstances to be vastly different from the clinically uniform arena environment?

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He’s got a point though, do you have a better idea for an implementation that does not result in any of his expected outcomes?

I’m not sorry that you’re so bad at reading comprehension that you’d interpret people stating their opinions as fact. Get better at online forum discourse, maybe?

I made my opinion clear.

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