Article about Project Discovery

After seeing a post in the forums last year, Swedish journalist writing a piece about Project Discovery – need interviewees!, I did an interview with a great guy called Oskar Alex (who flies under the moniker, @Oskemanal) about playing EVE and Project Discovery.

The article - which is not just about me but about science projects that run in-game and EVE generally - got published in the Swedish magazine, Forskning & Framsteg (translated: Research & Progress) in early February this year. Oskar kindly sent me a link for it (thanks mate!).

If you want to read an English translation, it’s here.

If you’re smart enough to read it in the originals Swedish, I’m both deeply impressed (unless you’re actually Swedish that is …) and compelled to share the link with you: Gamers ska ge covid-19 game over | Forskning & Framsteg.




I’ve just created a stitched screen grab of the article to share on FB more than anything but I thought I’d put it on here too, just is case this works for some people. I would prefer it it people went to the links above if they can (the hits will be a nice way to say thanks to Oskar for writing it and to Forskning & Framsteg for publishing a positive piece) but if you can’t …


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