ARTISANS OF VULCAN - Looking for Miners/PvP/Ratters members, All welcome


ARTISANS OF VULCAN welcomes you to read on…:grinning:

The Forging…

VULCAN was the Roman god of fire, smiths, and metal working. His work was renowned in Roman mythology for it’s strength and beauty. The armor of the gods was often referred to as being formed by Vulcan. Artisans of Vulcan is reference to mortal smiths and metal workers of who’s work is to the standards of Vulcan. We are ARTISANS, the makers of all things metal with quality equal to the great works of the Roman god VULCAN.

We are Artisans of Vulcan…

Recruitment Open:Big smile

Looking for new members …Miners / PvP / Ratters alike to join our close knit Corp - Artisans of Vulcan within a Sov held Alliance.

Who are we?

We are a group of MIXED members who are industrialists / PvP support minded looking to grow with new faces who share our ambitions to go far and sustain our efforts.

We would like you to join our group of Artisans in the quest to grow and prosper, fulfil your dreams and goals, doing what you like doing best… the chance to make tons of isk,… build things… a chance to engage in fleet battles to your desire.

So…what are you waiting for? You have not a moment to loose …lets get to the details.

What We Offer:

☼ Daily PVP/PVE/Mining fleets ( 0.0 Ratting & 0.0 Mining )
☼ Alliance Mining Ops
☼ Alliance SRP
☼ Alliance Ore Buy Back
☼ Friendly, laid back environment
☼ Excellent Ratting / Mining facilities
☼ Top Alliance Infrastructure
☼ Goals for progression
☼ Fun times and great banter


  • Just be active and have a fully working mic and headset
  • TS3 / Mumble / Discord
  • Participation in Corp and Alliance Ops
  • Home Defence & CTA
  • Full API on request when we ask for you to apply.


First of all…You play the game to suit your needs and we respect that real life is important for all members.

If you think you’ve got what it takes, we’ll let you know, just a few question here and there and the right attitude to be a part of our close community and the ability to provide a full API in the process, I’m sure you will fit in if you pass the meat grinder.

So…If you are old, new or just looking for a change of surroundings in a small Null Corp in a big structured Alliance in a relaxed environment, then why not join me for a friendly chat to see what we can do for you. We are active in both EU and US tz’s.

Come on, do it!!Big smile

The door is open for you to become an Artisan, drop in by our public channel Hammer Taps We want you to become a member of our successful team, it’s a very laid back Corp setting, enjoy the ride, make tons of isk in the process, THIS is what you have been waiting for! See you there !

Join our public channel:

Hammer Taps

Thank you for your time Big smile:grinning:


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Just returning to the game. Been gone for a couple years. Looking forward to seeing all that has changed. Char has about 40M SP (about 200,000 unallocated). Gallente focus on ship skills, up to and including Strategic Cruisers, skilled with blasters, rails, and even moreso with combat drones. Skilled and experienced with mining (Hulk), covert ops (arch, hacking, scanning, WH exploration), and Planetary Interaction.

Also a pretty mean poker player . . . is Eve Online Holdem still going on? That’s how I won my first battleship, The Aluminum Falcon. Anyway, what are things like in the corp? Location? Ship preference? Active hours? Are we a good fit?

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Thank you for replying.

Join us in Hammer Taps

Its our recruitment channel and would answer any questions in there




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I am a returning player looking to get back into the action. will show you I am an indy/miner but interested in learning PvP with my alt. I want to feel useful. I want a reason to log in.


Looking forward to speaking to you see you in the Hammer Tap our recruitment channel

Huber huber


still open…come and join


come on space buddies come n see what we can do for u in our space


more still

still recruiting looking for more