Arzenal [ARZ] Null Sec corp looking for pilots


Pub Channel : ARZENAL

Greetings Mortals,

Arzenal exists as a PvP and goal oriented corporation that dwells within the Immensea region of Null-Sec, as part of the Serenity Initiative alliance.

We slay dragons. We have a preference of being interested in things and teamwork. We are a tight-knit and eclectic community of persons. We identify as an intergalactic space entity comprised of smaller organic space entities, which are an amalgamation of more minute and also questionably organic entities.

We are Looking For:
*Pilots from all time-zones and play styles. New pilots welcome but must be a Omega account.
*Motivated individuals willing to train specific skills and be present in pvp fleets when required.
*Pilots who fearlessly wield the mantle of seriousness – between incoherent ramblings.
*Pilots with grit and multiple fires burning violently within their chest cavity (undiagnosed).

We Provide:
*PvP from small gang roams to huge fleet battles – and capital escalation.
*Space to PvE to your heart’s desire with a strong focus on home defense fleets.
*Training from experienced pilots on null-sec survival and isk generation.
*Fleet Commander training for older pilots looking for something new.
*Strong leadership and team of directors that provide stability and direction.
*Active and stocked markets, as well as in-house logistics for freight hauling.
*Access to high-end citadels for industrial and marketing purposes.
*Alts of your main toon within the corp are allowed and encouraged.
*Corporation Discord server for out of game communication.

Must Haves:
*Full API Key.
*Headset and Mic.
*Download and installation of 3rd party voice software to communicate.
*Pleasingly picante and perplexingly peculiar sense of humor.

*Join our in game pub channel: Arzenal or message me in game for more details.

Kind Regards,
Kylar Sakage |Head Recruitment Officer|

Looking for pilots to come fly with us

come to null and cut your teeth with us on some dank frags

Still recruiting hop in out pub chat channel “Arzenal” for more info

isk and frags is what we offer, join and get yours today

Still recruiting , drop by our Pub Channel “ARZENAL” and say hi

Still actively recruiting

Looking for self motivated pilots, apply now!

Still recruiting

The furnaces are stoked and the drums of war are beating , join for some epic battles

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I believe Frank Sinatra said it best,

“Come fly with me, let’s fly, let’s fly away
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There’s a bar in far Immensea
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Join us for some camaraderie and a cold one

Still looking for active pilots The war in the south is heating up come join us and get in on this content.

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Still actively recruiting

Greeting Mortals, looking for those special snowflakes to add to the group.

Would you like to know more? Convo me or drop me a EvEmail

The beacons have been lit and the fires of war are raging, join now and fight the good fight in the South.

The South is burning , come roast some marshmallow’s. Join ARZ and add more fuel to the dumpster fire…lol :joy::joy::joy: