Ash3D - Editor and Animator for hire

Hey there o/

I’m Ash3D, and I’ve been an animator and VFX artist for about 4 years professionally, and a hobbyist video editor for ~11 years. I’d love to bring my skills into the game for your YouTube videos and AT ads, and I can do anything from basic cuts to 3D animations. My latest video is a recruitment video for my alliance [MKUGA] which you can view here: In this I made the 3D animated intro, and did all the editing and writing for it - as well as capturing a lot of B-roll footage.

These videos take a lot of my time, so these won’t be free gigs - the Mkuga video took me around 70-80 hours as an estimate. I will only accept ISK, and only EVE related content.

If you’d like a quote from me, contact me via mail in game describing what it is you’re wanting.

Fly dangerously o7


Hey mate! Liked what you did with the marakuga video. Been wanting to do similar talking bits with the 3D eve avatars for a while. How’d you do it?

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Just replied to you discord message, but I’ll post this here for anyone else wondering:
"o/ couple ways of doing it depending on how accurate you need.

  1. use AI for super fast results, these aren’t amazing but you can refine it with the following steps if need be, HeyGen is pretty good andsomewhat free
  2. puppet animation in AE or similar programs
  3. could create a 3D model and animate that, by far the most work but once it’s set up you have that model forever - plus there’s a lot of lipsync addons to get the main bulk of it done
  4. deepfakes but I like to be able to use my computer rather than waiting 18 hours to see if it worked, so I’d avoid this one where possible. You will however get an amazing result if it works"

As always in video, there’s almost always a dozen ways to do something - just about experimenting and what works for you

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