Assemble a Nyx?

Hi, If you buy a Captial ship like a Nyx Super Carrier from say Jita, can you carry it to where you wish to assemble it? or does it just show up somewhere random?

Thank you

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Well, first off, you can’t buy a Nyx in Jita since Supercarriers cannot be in highsec.

Sure, if you had a ship that was large enough to carry the packaged hull (but there isn’t).

It’ll show up in the ship hangar of the structure you assemble it in.

If you buy it from Jita it is already assembled and in one of the lowsec areas around Jita.

YES you can BUY the COMPONENTS and transport to null BUT cant be assembled in HI or “low sec” Supers need to be assembled in null “SOV owned space” which I’m guessing you don’t own or be apart of a sov owned alliance.

You’ll need a freighter to carry “some but can’t fit all in one trip” or a hauler to carry 1 component at a time

Hope this helps unlike the rest who read a total different post :crazy_face:

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