NPC Corp member seeks to construct a capital

I’m in the Science and Trade Institute (S&TI), a corp in the Caldari State, and have the blueprint and all the capital modules needed to build a Nyx. I also have the skills to build one. But I can’t find a station where I can build one. I know I need to be looking in null-sec. I know we used to build them in a system POS where your corp or alliance had sovereignty. But that was replaced and now they need to be built in Sotiyo Engineering Complex.
Of course, neither S&TI or the Caldari State has stations or Sotiyos in null-space.
So do I have to leave my NPC corp to build supers?

Yes, you have to join a big sov null sec holding alliance. There used to be a public Sotiyo in Tribute not so long ago but that one was forcefully decommissioned by the biggest null sec blob.

I know is not the same, but i read in someplace of a player who change his goal to mine himself the Nyx, and change to sotiyo. Reason : Sotiyo dont need sovereignity.

But, as I understand it, you have to belong to a Corp which does have sovereignty in the null-sec system you are building the super or Titan in.

Yeah. More sense do in horde or Brave/goons

Do you have a link to that post, comment, or thread?

is in spanish, let me check in ten minutes i sent.

technically you don’t have to join a null sec corp, you just have to be allowed by this corp/alliance to dock to their sotiyo and build things there. And you have to get blue standings to them so that their members won’t shoot you while you are hauling components to the sotiyo. And you have to trust them so that they won’t cancel your rights to dock once the job is launched. Of course it’s much easier and safer if you are a member of this corp…

I really hope you didn’t make all the components before you decided where you were going to build your capital. Best of luck lugging all those things over to null!

So just curious but where do you plan to dock your Nyx once you’ve built it?

CAS has both NPC and corp holdings in NULL, or had. I haven’t logged in for awhle. CAS is a member of gallantee NPC.

No it doesn’t but the supercapital construction service does. You cannot online it without SOV.

CAS is an NPC corp and does not hold sov in 0.0. its possible, that someone broke out of CAS and anchored their own sotiyo and gave everyone in CAS access to dock and use it (so as to generate tax income for themselves).

Either way, it would need to be anchored in a 0.0 system with the ihub upgrade installed and onlined to be able to produce supers/titans.

And why on earth did you necro this thread that had all of this already explained???

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