About Building Super Capitals as a base member

I know you need Sovereignity to Build SuperCapitals/titans. Recently i build and mine for myself a Thanatos in high sec (erll, mine in high, made in low) and curious about what power blocks allow to foot members to build supercapitals. Renters are ok. Thinking in mine for myself in a barge for a year a Nyx and doit myself. (Already have a titan and nyx in lowsec but were purchased, no made)

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Um, I don’t know… but you may have better luck on the recruitment forums (assuming you’re happy to join a null sec corp in said super bloc)?

I would assume they give ‘line members’ access to manufacture in their POSes/Citadels (and am also assuming you don’t require any special rights to build super/titan), just need the ‘industry’ side of things running.


I don’t know how other alliances are handling things but in BRAVE you have access to all basic services of alliance-owned citadels, as long as you are using your personal assets.

A normal member will of course not have access to corp hangars but as long as you are in possession of the materials and blueprints, you are free to build whatever you want.

I guess most nullsec corporations will handle it in a similar fashion nowadays. A new member will not get access to corp/alliance assets but is free to use citadel services afaik.

I had a guy in my Indy Corp once that mined minerals to produce cap components to build freighters.

One freighter at a time, all by himself.
He did not use the profits from one sale to purchase minerals for the next, did it all from the ground up each time.

I never understood it, but was happy to provide him a place to do it. Hope you find the same.

Hi …

i made regularly freighters in high sec without much problem, the problem is the super cap builiding require sovereignity. I am a programmer and normally have in the work a retreiever or procurer in a third monitor, As an exampl of my AFK mining, no botting, i can fill 5 freighters with cargohold x 3 myself in a month with one Barge. The problem is the sovereigniy structure for the nyx.

Nice, i go to check and confirm

Update :

I know made a Keepstar in high sec is sa brutality / bestilality project. Then i decide to check the price of the other citadels. Instead of do a nyx who need sovereignity, probably will be better purchase and made a sotiyo. I sold an inyector and purchase the Blueprints pack. My clean character then will need do an extra mine equality to a injector to change with myself, then i have now a solo player decent goal.

I don’t think this means what you think it means.


I hope you research your industry plans well before you set anything in motion that might just burn a lot of money in the end.
Especially citadels need large amounts of high grade planetary materials that can not be easily mined. The complexity of it usually requires cooperation between different characters to be worth it financially.
If you buy too much of the input at market prices (from sellers) your profit will tank hard and may end up in the negative.

If you are new to industry and want to try your hand in more complex operations, then building Orcas or Freighters (2-tiered process requiring cap components) comes to mind for T1.
Or some simple T2 stuff like drones if you want to enrich your experience by vertical integration of home-made PI.

Just some random thoughts…

Edited to add:

And if you want to become a supercap pilot (regardless whether your character has the skills or not), remember this:
A solo super is just an expensive killmail waiting to happen. Even if you have your personal fax alt on standby. You will need the support of a group.
So if you plan to actively fly such a toy you will need the support of a group. And trust.

I can tell you from my experience in BRAVE. You are of course allowed to build what you want, even a super. And nobody would prevent you from ratting in it.
But to become a member of the capital group - and be allowed to fly in fleets and drop with us in anger - you will need to earn a certain level of trust. And if you want to become a supercap pilot you will need to earn an even higher level of trust on top of that (plus some other things I’ll rather not disclose here).

The bottom line is, do you want to build it to sell it? Or do you plan to use it?
If you want to sell it, there are way better things in industry to earn money with. And if you want to use it you will have to join a group, fly with them, become competent and earn a lot of respect and trust first.


Understand, To hold hit and know i do it before.

In the past i manage in null sec 65 pocos myself and 62 characters * 6 planets each, know that and can do in few steps in lowsec planets now.

Already have alts in brave and horde. The reason for mine in a only miner is a goal. Make numbers some time ago and check is no good idea use a titan or super if you depend of other people, and is the case mainly. Then i go to park both in the low sec station they are and more practical the sotiyo idea.

Thanks for the long and good answer.

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