Capital Ship Production in High Sec


I am looking to get into capital ship production, ideally in highsec. I would quite like somebody to give me the basics about the process and even if it is possible in high sec. By capital ships I mean Freighters, Jump Freighters, Dreadnoughts and Carriers (including Force Auxiliaries). Please include links to any guides that are out there, as this will be greatly appreciated. And any tips would be appreciated too :slight_smile:

To my knowledge the only remotely ship you can make that’s comparable to capitals if not a capital is the orca everything else that considered capital enough you have to do it low security or for the Titans and I believe you have to be in NS now I could be wrong on that that’s my knowledge on the matter

To make supers you have to own a constellation.

The largest ships you can build in HS is orca/freighter/jump freighter.

You can build all capital components in HS but anything above a orca/freighter/jf cannot be assembled there.

Also, while you can build capital components in Highsec, it’s difficult to do so profitably. The Thukker rig grants Lowsec producers a 7.03% ME bonus and a substantial TE bonus.

If you want to build one for yourself - just because you can - have fun! But if you’re making a business decision, there are much better choices for things to build profitably in Highsec.

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You can build capital components in HS.

You need a “standup capital shipyard” to build caps, and this module is “banned in high sec space”.

Supers and titans need the “supercapital shipyard” that can only be fit in a sotiyo, requires to have SOV, and a “supercapital construction” sov upgrade.

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