Are Jump freighters considered capitals when you make them?

Hello, fellow capsuleers!

So I was talking with a friend over how capitals are built and we got into an argument in regards to non pvp big stuff. We know that capital ship components do not require Standup capital shipyard I to make them (correct me on this if I’m wrong), but if you want to put together the components into let’s say a nag, you need an azbel/sotiyo with Standup capital shipyard I service module present.

So what about jump freighters? Do jump freighters need standup capital shipyard I to make them? I can’t seem to find the correct answer anywhere. The question arose because they are somewhere in the middle - they have jump drives, require advanced spaceship command but in the meantime they can enter highsec and can dock in any size citadel.

They don’t since you can make them in hisec. but that doesn’t mean they aren’t capital size. People argue about it for years and there is no point in rewriting what you can google in 5 seconds.

My best tip for you is to open market and find freighters. Pay close look at categories.

Well, I tried searching for it and couldn’t find it. I’m not making one, just was curious about it. The confusion obviously is there because they are capital sized, but both the manufacturing as well as movements and docking are different.

Freighters , jump freighters , bowheads are all capital size ships

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They may be capital sized and use cap parts but they can be made in a subcab engineering structure. For JF bonus use the rigs for Adv Large ships. For Freighters/Orca bonus use rigs for Std Large Ships.


Freighters and jump freighters only use lowslot modules and have no rig slots.

They are both capital ships, but for gates and npc stations classed as subcap.

Other capital ships can take gates too. It’s just supercarriers and titans that cannot dock in NPC stations.

True but only outwards, freighters and JF have no gate restrictions and can dock with highsec stations where other Capital ships cannot.

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