Standup Manufacturing Plant I

the Standup Manufacturing Plant I says:
The Standup Manufacturing Plant I is a service module that allows manufacturing of any product (except Capital and Super Capital ships) when installed into an Upwell technology structure.

Does CCP include Freighter as a Capital Ship?

Yes they are considered capital ships. If they take capital rigs they are capital ships.

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Best of luck rigging that freighter lol

Why? Are they just large ships?

You can build Orca, freighters and jump freighters in a Standup manufacturing plant.

Bowhead is classified as a freighter and it has 3 medium, 3 low and 3 XL rig slots. Pity regular freighters don’t have the same fitting options - give pilots some interesting tradeoffs between speed, capacity and tank.

Freighters doesnt have rig slots, only lowslots and very limited powergrid and CPU, so you can basically only fit a couple of different modules on it.

You can manufacture these in highsec, freigher and jump freighter. The Orca isnt a capital, its a large boat, so its not really subject to manufacturing restrictions anyway.

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