WTS Capital Construction Hub - Ready to Deploy

Hello there industrial mogul!

I have the perfect pack for you to expand your operation and take it to the next level!!

With the faction Dreadnaught market going strong and the upcoming Javelin Dreadnaughts release, the capital industrial complex will keep on booming!

As such I’m offering a ready to deploy, capital production hub of your dreams! So you can go ahead and start using all those oh so sweet capital BPO’s you have stashed in station:

Located in Jita 4-4:
-Azbel Upwell Quantum Core
-Standup L-Set Thukker Advanced Component Manufacturing Efficiency Rig
-Standup L-Set Basic Capital Manufacturing Efficiency I Rig
-Standup L-Set Capital Ship Manufacturing Efficiency I Rig
-Standup Capital Shipyard I
-Standup Manufacturing Plant I
-Standup Point Defense Battery I
-Standup Point Defense Battery II
-Standup Anticapital Missile Launcher II x2
-Standup Multirole Missile Lancher II x2
-Standup Guided Bomb Launcher II
-Standup Target Painter II
-Standup Statis Webfier II
-Standup Focused Warp Disruptor II
-Standup Layered Armor Plating II x2
-Standup Dragonfly II x 28
-Standup Firbolg II x 52
-Standup Heavy Guided Bomb x138
-Standup Light Guided Bomb x103
-Standup Super-heavy Torpedo x10,160
-Standup XL Cruise Missile x10,000
-Standup Cruise Missile x 71,000
-Standup Heavy Missile x71,000
-Standup Light Missile x71,000
-Standup Flak Round I x14,102
-Nitrogen Fuel Block x190,000

Here’s the Janice link: Appraisal 0GCmWE @ Jita 4-4 split | Janice (e-351.com)

PM me directly or post your offers here!

Get those Javelins rolling!

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