Hello I am still new and was wondering about two things. Why do you not see carriers in high sec space and the second question if the Marshal battleship is such a horrible ship in combat why is it so expensive?

Welcome to Eve.

Combat capitals like carriers are not allowed in Highsec. The only capital ships you’ll see in High security space are Freighters and Jump Freighters. Also the Orca which is built using capital components but occupies a grey area between sub-caps and capital ships.

The Marshal is expensive because it has very limited availability through Project Discovery - people value it because it is rare. Prices are set by the market - not by CCP.


Thank you for the information :slightly_smiling_face:

I have been playing for awhile now but there is so much I still don’t know so I will always be new to this game I think.

Hi guys o7

just a quick one. I have only just stared and working my way through the career paths. I really want to focus on combat. Does anybody recomend a starter ship?


The 2 x Medium ANC Merlin

Great stuff, i will have have a look. Still got some much to learn.

As a long term player I’m still learning things - so don’t let it worry you. You did the right thing and asked the question rather than screaming and throwing toys.
For that I commend you.

Yes, the market is completely player driven. There’s no “CCP could you reduce the price of…” - the value of something is what someone is willing to pay for it assuming someone is willing to sell at that price.

Starter ship: depending on your race the Combat Frigates are a good starting point. Which depends on your preferences and skills. You’ll get a free combat ship in the tutorials - one that is appropriate to your race. Eve University is a good reference site for fitting ideas.

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Thank you for that, i will have a look and see what ships is avail for my race and check out fittings. i know there is a huge learning curve but excited to experiance it.

thanks for all your advice guys, fly safe :rocket:

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You can always cross train into the other Empire’s ships and weapon systems, but you start with some skills in your own races.

Good luck!

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Its not a horrible ship. Its actually pretty good. Its also a niche ship, that fills a specific role, i.e. Black ops ships.

You cant just label a ship bad or horrible because it has its role in warfare. Carriers in real life, are very powerful, but are considered very vulnerable and useless when sent alone with an escort fleet. You cant just send a single carrier to your opponent and expect it to WTFPWN everything in sight. It is vulnerable to long range fire, it is vulnerable to submarines, etc etc. Carriers have a role in a fleet. So do Black Ops ships.

Thank you all for the great info I had another question though once in awhile you see players with bad rep enter space a message appears saying they are an enemy of the state and will be fired upon they are red and mainly trying to get to a station before someone fires on them you see a lot of this in Jita why are they doing this?

Probably because they want to buy something from the Jita market.

You get that “red and flashy” status when your overall security status get’s low enough. Then you also become free to be engaged by any players without CONCORD interfering. Mostly affects people ganking in highsec or pirates who do pvp in lowsec.

The message you see comes from low enough standings towards the Caldari state. Faction standings are different to the security status.
If you manage to get that one low enough, the faction navy will attack your ship. They are no where near as deadly as CONCORD. With a relative fast ship you can warp off before they tackle and attack you on gates.

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Thank you for that didn’t know that security status and faction status where so different.

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