Looking for Supercapital Construction Facilities ideally near Amarr space

Hi ~

I’m primarily an indy character and bought a Wyvern BPC / made all of the parts only to figure out I can’t construct the damn thing in lowsec. Anyone throw me a bone and let me build it at your facility? I won’t be hanging out in your sector for long! I can pay some rent fee if that helps too.

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You cannot build a Super in Empire space.

Supers can only be built in player null space because you’re required to have Supercapital Construction Facilities Infrastructure Hub upgrades installed and onlined. Only then can you online Standup Supercapital Shipyards in Engineering Complexes.

Right, that’s the part I figured out cry lol - so maybe I need to be clear, I need to find a Keepstar in Soverign space - hopefully near-ish Amarr region

Then at least know what you’re talking about and stop asking for a Keepstar.
No one who owns a Keepstar would install and online a Supercapital Shipyard in one.
They would use a Sotiyo.

Hmm, ok I didn’t understand that then either, I was assuming it had to be a Keepstar from (https://wiki.eveuniversity.org/Capital_ships) but maybe that’s just the docking?

I mean, given that the header for the section literally says “Docking”, yeah.

But that’s not really the point. For someone who claims to be an industrial pilot, you’re not instilling any confidence in anyone by not realizing that there’s a difference between Citadels and Engineering Complexes.

Either way, you’re likely not going to find anyone who’s going to just lend you their facilities like that, or if they do, they’ll probably wait for you to finish the build and kill you as soon as you undock with it. Best of luck to you in your search, though.

If not obvious, not a Super Capital industrialist yet :slight_smile:

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Just resell the BPC and cut your losses. You also need all of the components to be built. This will likely be a several week endeavor and will most likely not be worth the effort.

I have all of the components made, because I’m dwerp

Total Volume: 19,040,000.00m3

Good luck moving all this stuff :slight_smile:

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That’s about 18 Freighter loads with Ore expanded cargo holds. You will not be able to get that into null.

That’s about 60 Jump Freighter loads with expanded cargo holds.
The entire process is not cheap even if you were doing it yourself with 2-4 cyno alts.

It’s highly likely that your only recourse is to reprocess it back to minerals, use or sell the minerals, and tick off your bucket list one very costly learning experience.

Built in a Sotiyo. Dock in Keepstar.

Turn those components you already build into carriers. For your next attempt probably easiest to join one of the large nullsec alliances.

Thanks for all of the replies, yes trying to move the components is unfeasible :frowning: I guess it was an educational experience, I’ll flip the BPC back on the market and make capitals out of the components for now

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