In search of Capital Construction base

So I’m just getting going on Capital ship construction and am looking for a home to base my building out of. I am open to using an established corps equipment and providing that corp with discounts on any vessels requested from my shop. I am also open to just being told that hey there is a place over here that is open to the public.

Not currently actively building anywhere on this level so its all in ideals phases.

Here is a list of points to consider, as I am.
Being HS Mainland adjacent is a Must
I am currently going to be focused on making Freighters.
I am hoping to be able to stay ‘free agent’ rather than join a corp for access, as I am a member of Highsec Buyback, and have no interest in leaving.
I expect to provide some kind of compensation to the host of my facility, beyond game mechanics taxes.
I do not expect protection coming or going, just stable free access to come and go as I need.
If a clone bay on site is available it would be a bonus selling point.

Could join a nullbloc and get local materials and build in nullsec sotiyo/azbels.

That is true and may end up the eventuality, I would prefer to stay a free agent and just earn/gain rights to be honest. My building is not related to my corp, and I’m not interested in leaving my corp.

If I must I will make an alt to do it from, that would join said group. That is a last ditch effort though.

You can always use some public Lowsec factory. But beware, people will try to catch you, camp you and rip you off in all ways imaginable as an “independent agent” that basically has little protection. That can go from intercepting your resource deliveries to removing your access to the station as soon as you have moved in expensive stuff. Also expect to pay some taxes and fees for using the factories as well.

Yes, I do expect to be taxed for the access in some form, aside from the basic game mechanics. I am not building them mass market style either, nor is that a goal. I will be making them for custom orders, and would love to be able to set up supply through the locals to support the local economy as well.

As I said, this is not for a major operation, but for a place I can simply access facilities reliably, and safely, while being an outside agent if possible.

Currently my expectation is mostly to build freighters for supplying haulers. So it being close enough to make a single jump to HS mainland would be a great selling point.

As for getting ripped off or screwed around, yes, this is eve, it is always a possibility. One should always play that thru in their mind. How to respond and how to overcome. That is in my opinion more basic than the Magic 14.

As for protection, I never said I don’t have protection. I never claimed to be expecting others to provide me or mine safety, though if such a deal is available and enforceable, I am all ears. I don’t know that any kind of protection deals in EVE are really worth it, unless its with a large Corp that has the actual ability to enforce such over an area. Even that is expecting a lot. Just sayin.

I do appreciate the thoughts and will use the input to update my OP to be easier to respond to, and to fill in gaps I left out as well. Thank you.

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Well, Hippo Cartel has an Azbel in Ohkunen, 1.99% tax, direct HighSec gate in system. Check if you have docking access first, for my industry char it’s listed as “docking access: true”.

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I will check that out indeed! Thank you!

I will also shamelessly plug Pandemic Horde since we let in just about everyone, will let them build caps (not supers tho, gotta be on the special ACLs for those), and quite frankly wouldn’t mind buying your caps locally as well :slight_smile:

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I am happy to hear it! I am totally willing to build ships for anyone. I do not have an interest yet in supers anyway, so that isn’t a hassle. If someone wants to shoot a mail and make contact, I am also open to setting up more than one location too, and taking orders where it is desired.

If you are making freighters only then that can be done in hisec, and even NPC stations. I made my first capitals in an NPC station before moving to null. But, any other caps than freighters you will need said lowsec azbel or joining a null-group (Horde is recruiting…:slight_smile:

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