Asset Safetry

Asset safety and auto-magically moving ships should have never been a thing in the first place. To make sure you can still access your assets should ONLY be the job of players and not some GM waving his magic wand and altering the state of the universe.


Wow Nicolai. You either completely don’t understand what I am getting at, or having understood just decided to post useless replies. This is a game, with incongruous mechanics. You go to a station in a pod, you get a free dinghy. Your keepstar gets popped and you get a free ride back to safety, unless you don’t.

Karak, I agree with you. Adding that for me there’s a disconnect in the implementation and lack of easily found clarity as to why.

I absolutely get what you’re getting at: you want the carrier you’re sitting in being magically moved to a safe place because you ■■■■■■ up a few years ago. Now you come here on my forums whining about your own stupidity because you didn’t understand the mechanics of asset safety.

The rules have been clear from day one, it is you who is the dumbass, ■■■■ off.

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Ahh… now I get why you’re so grumpy.

I still have my carrier, and a lot of other stuff. I just want to know the thoughts behind game mechanics that on their face do not make sense to me. You are welcome to contribute, or continue to not listen.

Laquis, CCP changed the game so that you can just jump through stargates - you don’t even need that jump drive.


That’s a really nice portrait!

Tell that to this poor bastard image

What are the other options?

  1. Have players log in to a pod in space? Might be fine for HS and LS, but any NS players not in clean clones wont care for that too much.
  2. Destroy the players pod outright? Doubt anyone would be for this one.
  3. Automatically Move the player and his ship? Do you seriously expect the devs to design for players that fail to do even a modicum of research and planning? Doesn’t seem consistent with I believe to be the design philosophy of Eve.
  4. Have a GM manually move the player and the ship upon request? Honestly, I don’t think GM’s should manually move any ships, let alone those with jump drives. Once again, it goes against the design philosophy of Eve.

In fact, you probably didn’t even have to do any research. You probably could have just asked in corp chat, “Hey, I’m going on break, what should I do to prepare?” And you failed to even do that.

The only people I have sympathy for are those who planned according to the rules prior to the Forsaken Fortress announcement, and those who planned according to the outpost to citadel conversion announcement. They made plans according to the rules at that time, and the rules were changed while they were gone. So, I feel for them. But that didn’t happen to you. This is a failure on your part, and now you have a problem that needs solving. Perhaps you should start working on a solution.

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contract the ship to me , tell me the system , i’ll move it for you
i have contacts , you cant trust me :smiley:

There is a fifth.

I had never conscientiously thought about this before because it never came up, but I had always assumed (incorrectly, it seems) that you would log in to find you in your ship in safe space warping back to the location where the POS was before it was destroyed. This behavior would be identical to you safely logging out in the middle of space - you would warp back to the POS’s pre-destruction location. Truthfully I don’t think this is a reasonable #5 alternative missing from your list, and if I could have it my way then I would probably change existing behavior to this since it is intuitive, consistent with existing behavior, operates independently of other asset safety mechanics (including “no asset safety” in w-space), and is not terribly harsh.

(In the case of w-space, I do think it’s fine, however, to find yourself having lost everything, so really the fifth alternative I’m presenting would probably only be applied to k-space.)

The problem with this line of thinking on asset destruction (in the existing and upcoming mechanic) is that

  1. Many players are going to (not-unreasonably) assume asset safety includes their ship since their ship is an asset (not necessarily that their pod/ship get teleported, just that there exists some mechanic such that their boarded ship isn’t destroyed, such as what I described)

  2. Making a distinction between subcap and cap in the existing mechanic is arbitrary and dumb.

  3. Players who were promised 100% asset safety in k-space but weren’t aware of the change are going to feel like they were victims of bait-and-switch when they come back into the game to find everything destroyed since there is no grandfathering mechanic/policy in place

  4. Losing assets is fairly harsh to players who are unable to log into the game for reasons outside their control. To be clear, I do think “no asset safety” in w-space is fine because that was 100% explicitly and unambiguously stated up front, so there was no bait-and-switch like there would be with k-space structures, and it also aligns with the “zero safety” nature of w-space itself. I do not, however, believe that “no asset safety” belongs in k-space, and that applies to boarded ships. (I’d be a hair more amenable if the upcoming “no asset safety” mechanic was restricted to Player Sov NS and came with a grandfathering mechanic/policy, however.)

I get that the OP is upset because of one particular restriction on asset safety.
However I’m confused as to why he’s not taking steps to get his carrier moved now.

  1. leave ship
  2. pod himself elsewhere
  3. access Assets window, have ship queued up to be moved

I mean sure, it won’t be immediate, but he’ll still be able to get it out without piloting it out.

Because he wants to whine on the forums about it.

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Who says I have no plans in action, and it’s only been a couple days since I found myself in this (admittedly pretty interesting to solve) conundrum.

At the least I have tutucox to help me out. I’ll put your plan on the short list, thank you. :wink:

Actually, hes kinda whining and complaining.



Discussion over.

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Isnt this what happens now?

And they would be wrong.

If they thought about it for a second, they would realize that if you are in a station, in a ship, you cannot asset safety your ship while you are inside of it. This is just common sense.

This distinction has always existed. CCP will help move ships from null to the closest low/hisec station when asked, except for ships that are capable of jumping. For ships like those, they are assumed to be able to safely jump out of where they are and back into neutral space. This distinction has existed for over a decade now, it is nothing new.

CCP never promised 100% asset safety under all circumstances, nor did they promise that the mechanics will never change.

What do you mean, outside their control? Were they in a coma for 10 years after a car accident? Were they posted in Siberia for 5 years with zero internet connection? It takes 10 seconds to log in, and you dont need to pay money to do it. Lets not pretend that we should be catering to the poor coma crowd.

And yet, you cannot asset safety a ship you are in, while you are in the same station.

But what you are saying is no different from any game mechanic changing. Before, when Carriers used to be able to jump 10 light years, and you could just barely reach your home station, but after coming back from a 2 year hiatus, now you cannot with the jump changes. Should CCP take responsibility and grandfather your carriers Jump range? If you bought and fit a Legion, and now you cannot fit because of Nerfs to CPU/PGU, should CCP be responsible and grandfather your fit?

It all comes down to these facts.

a). Game mechanics change, all the time, and rules change.
b). CCP owns all property within the game, and none of it belongs to you. If they deem your ship to have been illegally or otherwise falsely obtained through non-normal game mechanics, or even because the rules have changed, they have the sole authority and right to take it away from you.
c). Its not, nor has it ever been the responsibility of CCP to keep you up to date of game changes when you stop playing the game.

If I quite today and came back 10 years from now, and found out CCP had gone bankrupt and EVE was shut down, can I get angry that all my assets and ISK were all deleted? Should it be CCPs responsibility to start up the servers again just so I can spend or use my ISK? Of course not.

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Its easy.

a). you were in your carrier when you left the game.
b). your carrier can jump.
c). The rules have always been like this.

You have no excuse.

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Well, in OP’s defense, the cyno rules have been changed recently. It isn’t a trivial process anymore.

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i used the new filaments and ended in delve , i was tf all this pilgrims are doing here , forget the new cyno mechanic , sooooo , i attacked one , and got insta dread buˆ% fuˆ%$^, sad day , living and learning

I see a slight issue with this and feel it will impact pilots with security status lower than -4.9 due to needing a supply of ships stored in player owned stations.

Reason is that Concord will start to be pulled as soon asp the baddie pirate undocks and will require player corp asset safety to stay thank you very much.

yeah , sec status suc% ,on a good note , yesterday i repaired my -2.0 and was super cheap, it look like clone soldier tags are on a sale nowadays

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