Assorted Poems


With sad footsteps they beat,
Silent motes of dust,
Year by every thousand year,
By weary gates held open,
With rusted gears,
Crumbling with every knock,
Falling apart in the heat,
“The King is dead!”
Parched throats cry,
Never knowing sacred water,
For the Fool laughs now,
Having made a joke of them all,
Knife in hand he awaits,
Fellow travellers:
“Long live the King!”

– Natasiya V. Gesakaarin, first published in Path to Assimia, pg. 7, November YC120 issue


The Falcon twists then turns,
To soar,
With sabre-wings,
It falls,
Upon some hapless prey,
A bird, perhaps rabbit too,
Which when clutched,
In razor claws,
The worries are nevermore.

– Natasiya V. Gesakaarin, first published in Subikamo Defence magazine, pg. 49, July YC 121 issue


The gradient moves light to dark,
A bird sings outside the window,
Welcoming Spring in my own delusion,
The frost remains upon the glass,
With the dying laughter,
Of this final Winter.

– Natasiya V. Gesakaarin, first published in Headhunter! Unofficial fan e-zine of Clan Seykal, August YC121


Black wolf;
White wolf;
Which one to feed today?
Homo homini lupus Est -
Prepare the ritual feast!
With a rictus of laughter,
As the prey labours,
When the pack howls,
Into the night,
Like distant thunder,
Their fangs bared,
Mouths wet with,
Anticipation dripping,
Ripping and tearing,
The carcass,
Left broken,

– Natasiya V. Gesakaarin, first published Subikamo Defence, pg. 17, August YC 121 issue



Execute truth with neon dreams,
Corrupted basis lies in smoke,
Shift remnant of the asset addendum,
Resume protocols in the dark.

Resetting ethical constraints,
Deny objectives unspoken,
Words from the Kingdom of Shadows,
Purchasing trust with coin of blood.

Awaiting the invocation,
Forward echelons in overdrive,
In the dust of both fire and war,
Memories echo in mirage.

– Natasiya V. Gesakaarin, August, YC121


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