Asteroid Belts back to their old arrangement

Since the prosperity patch they were arranged in a sphere, now they are back to their old horseshoe arrangement. What happened?

Bad coders â– â– â– â– â– â–  everything up and had to revert to the last working model?

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:

I didn’t have a survey scanner on me when I checked, but they do look smaller again too. Anyone check that yet?

I haven’t been on to check but I hope like hell they stay this way. The new circle anoms sucked ass.

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They put someone on it that’s not on crack. Either that or the put someone on version control that is on crack. With CCP it’s always hard to tell. :grin:

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The update notes said that they "Resolved an issue where large asteroids were interfering with the warp-in point (impacting arrival from Cloaking, or getting stuck inside the asteroid). This fix also resolves the issue where asteroids may have moved or drifted to different locations other than their intended location. " From the looks of it, the fix was a reversion back to the crescent belts… But IMHO, I liked the blob belts better; they required a little more planning ahead and you had to stay alert and keep moving around. You couldn’t just set a course and go. Kept me awake during mining.


Ressurecting this, as I haven’t found any other post.

Besides reverting the shape and size of the asteroids.
It seems that they have also reverted the ammount of ore contained.

The volumes appear to be the same as before the “Poverty” patch in December.
So they have reverted the entire doubling of asteroids from the Prosperity patch because of some ransom dude that got himself stuck in an asteroid.

Yes, I’ve submitted a bug report on 2022-03-10, but who cares right? (Bug Report number EBR-231004)
First thing I notived this was in January, so the Prosperity patch that increased the ammount of ore didn’t last more than a month?

They give with one hand and take with three.

One horseshoe got together with another horseshoe, formed a circle and were happy for a brief while until they broke up. Happens all the time.

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