Where's the Beef?

What happened to all the buffed asteroids? Why are they all back to normal now.

Version 19.11 Rebalanced all the mining barges and I thought the way we wern’t going to call this residue nerf a nerf by pumping up the ore volume in belts.

Now a month later we have reverted all the belts back to the original but keep all the residue nerfs.
What happened to the large rocks?
Where’s The Beef?

Planetary resources —> Livestock —> Cattle :smiley:


they were moved back to the shape they were, but are you sure they are the same size as before?

Seems like the same amount of ore for a much longer time to acquire.
All those wasted cycles.
Guess that’s what they were going for here.
Slow isk generation down.

I think its the case that the asteroids have simply been made the same size as before, but the amount of ore remains as per the mining changes (double volume)

it also means that asteroid belts are now back to their crescent shape instead of the circle - all due to player ‘feedback’.

imo crescent shape was better, because you could sit at the Apex of the curve and reach more rocks w/o having to move. the sphere was annoying because you had various rocks mixed in with each other.

Screen shot a survey scan of a few different belts.

Mining doesn’t generate ISK.

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the reason why they did that so don’t want people to go AFK anymore mining at all so it make it less lucrative why they totally forget materials are needed for manufacturing
and the less desirable they make mining less resources people will have for making stuff the cost of everything it go up and people start reprocessing modules reprocessing needs to be nerfed again it’s starting to come more lucrative than mining

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scratch that…

The Large asteroid is still there or the hit box is there as when aligning to it for some reason we can not reach the edge like it was before and our ship is turned away at some distance.

They change the fields back to crescent field as many were having issues navigate around. Those in wormholes and trig space had little issue other than the over sized rocks which was replaced with standard sized ones.

The available ore is still the increased amounts.

So with a good fleet you can pacman from one end to the other in normal space, just takes longer using T1 lasers, or aame as before with ORE versions, to gain all available ore. Otherwise you use T2 to get same amounts or more for old times or a little better, but loose a bit of the bonus ore.


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