Roid Size on Singularity

Roid size is increase with new changes right? even if you don’t care about waste…the size of the roid currently on server is 2-3x the size. Drone will take forever to return to offload their stuff. drone double nerf? am I understanding this right?

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Do you mean asteroid “size” or how the asteroids are spread around the belt beacon?

On SISI the distribution of asteroids has changed from a crescent to a random cloud around the beacon up to like 70-80km in radius (common ores in high-sec at least). Meaning mining drones which are slow anyway are very inefficient (so, yes, a double-nerf). Even mining lasers with (implant augmented) foreman boosts will not reach the furthest away asteroids. Need to reposition several times to get everything which did not need to do with the crescent.

"Anyway you do it, mining is not a God given right but you have the right to spend twice as long doing what you used to do before for the same result"™ – CCP

there are some asteroid belts that have thrown away 200-400km single veldspar/scordite rocks… thats mining nightmare

Yip resources amounts are increased, it was to be +100% with a few minor adjustments based on past updates.

Yield amount per cycles has increase by skill level increases. So even a T1 should mine slight more ore than on the live server over the same time period.
T2 has a similar effect.

Major change is with T2 and ORE versions you maintain more or this bonus resources. Main catch is to mine this extra bonus resources is you need to stay on grid longer.

So this plays into risk vs reward mechanics.
Risk = better modules and/or more time on grid.
Reward = 1.5x-2x current resources mined on live server

This is the same as in trig space for mining trig ore/abyssal ore ( new name with this update)

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