Dynamic Roid Radii

This is a very simple suggestion that I’m sure wouldn’t take long to implement but would be great for those of us who are part time miners out there, particularly in high activity belts. Many corps will send a fleet into a belt and then move on when the roids are pretty much empty, but can leave a bunch of roids up with a static radius size that implies a large mineral cache, but is close to empty with no way of telling that once the belt is abandoned by the original miners.

So, people like me come in and think we’re going to get a good harvest, check out the roid radius, and think that we can go make a cup of tea or the like while our mining lasers chew it down, only to find that the rock has disappeared after the first round and we’ve wasted a bit of AFK time. On top of that, it doesn’t make sense that a rock that has been harvested so heavily would remain the same size in any event.

As such, my proposal is simple - dynamic roid radii that reduce as the ore is harvested off it. Ultimately that would be consistent with what one would expect if it was a real life scenario, doesn’t take a lot of bandwidth to manage as it could be calculated on the Show Info call, and gives miners who share belts with each other a far more accurate indication of remaining yield.

My view is that this is a relatively small and simple change that could add a large amount of QOL to the average person who does a bit of mining, particularly those who do ‘passive’ mining - chewing rocks on the side while they do something else most of the time and then check the EVE screen every 5 mins or so.

For Consideration.

Survey scanner says hello

Yeah like Nevyn says, a quick survey scan will give you all the disappointment up front :slight_smile:

However, it would be a good addition if the roids scaled in the client as the amount of ore left is reduced.

Not critical, but a nice visual indicator that is easy for everyone to understand immediately.

>make my lazy gameplay lazier

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Of course - after all, lazy gameplay is good for CCP - less strain on the servers.

Besides, having a life outside of New Eden isn’t all that bad a thing, and this whole focus on ‘game should be hard’ misses the point of why a lot of people play. This kind of thinking is exactly why I wish like crazy that the game was really EVE Offline. If this was a PvE only game I’d pay money for it in a heartbeat.

Unfortunately, the game grew to crazy numbers when PVP was more prevalent. The game went from 50k and growing to what bots we have now thanks to players who just want to relax.


From what I’m reading the PvP battles are bigger than they’ve ever been and my understanding was that PvP is still the biggest selling point of the game. I don’t know about bots so I can’t speak to that but as someone who just loves the EVE gameplay but stays in Hi Sec (especially on weekends) due to the high prevalence of gank kiddies interested in nothing more than ruining my experience, I’ve not noticed a reduction on the prevalence of PvP in the game.

What am I missing?

For what it’s worth, I used to play back from '07 to '09 and got sick of it for a number of reasons, mostly tied to other players and having to pay money for a game I could only play part time because I had a life. The only reason I’m back is because I don’t have to pay for it and I still like the game itself. Why is being a casual player reducing player numbers on the whole? I’m sorry, but I don’t understand your logic at all. Perhaps you could explain it in a little more detail?

First off, I’m glad to know you don’t bot! Welcome back! We need players like you. Things have changed a lot.

Where to begin I will have to leave to others with more current knowledge.

2012, CCP changed a lot of rules and the player numbers dropped from an ave of 50k to 20k, were lucky to be at 30k now.

Watch out for Trigs, a new race that can show up anytime if you don’t know what to look for and pop you.

C.O.D.E. who pop you if you fit wrong.

It’s “The Age of Chaos” while CCP tries to rebalance the game they screwed up. :rofl:

Thanks for the welcome, I genuinely appreciate it. I have noticed that a lot had changed, some for the good, some not so much. I got the impression that this whole Trig thing was a bit of a jumping the shark moment for EVE and I’ve been watching for that.

I’ll do some research on 2012 to see what they did, but to be fair to them whatever it was hasn’t really changed my personal gameplay all that much, but then I guess that is to be expected when you’re a carebear mish-runner. I did notice that auto-nav now brings you in at 10k instead of 15k out from your jump point or station and mining is quite different in the form of specialised frigates and the like.

As for all this wormhole space, planetary colonisation or whatever it is, the Trigs, etc. - to me it’s a bit like Porche making SUVs. Why couldn’t CCP just stick to improving an already good game? But, I digress.

This is probably worth a separate thread, but my issue is that the subscription model doesn’t work for how I want to play the game - casually. I like the interface, LOVE the graphics, even though the game constantly crashes on my main box so I have to play it on an old laptop on the basic graphics, so it looks very similar to what I used to see back in '08 :slight_smile: but the sound, atmosphere, mission and mining mechanics are fantastic and that’s all I care about. That said, I’d like access to more T2 stuff than I can get now, so my idea on how CCP could get extra revenue without necessarily getting in the way of PvP is to introduce a new clone level - let’s call it Sigma (for single player) for now.

So - what you do if you’re an alpha is you make a one off payment similar to what you would pay for any AAA title currently. After all, that’s who you’re competing with for people like me.

Once you get Sigma clone status after paying for the game, you have access to all T1 and T2 ships and kit up to and including the Battleship level. You automatically get your own personal corp so that you’re no longer paying tax, and you can play the game (less the planets, wormholes, etc.) as you see fit - but only in Hi Sec space. You’d still be on the server per se, because that’s just the way the game is designed but you’re essentially limited to an area that focuses on PvE.

Want to go to lo sec or do some PvP? You pay for your subscription to Omega, and go hard. The moment your subscription ends, you’re back on Sigma (instead of Alpha) and if you just happen to be in Lo-Sec, all gates are locked to you other than the most direct route back to Hi Sec. You can pay before you leave Lo Sec and keep your position through renewal of your Omega subscription.

CCP gets more revenue from us casual players, the PvP crews are left in situ to do whatever it is they do now, actually with LESS interference, and the casual players get an enhanced experience that better suits our hours of operation and the like.

I don’t know if it is worth suggesting or not, but it is certainly what I would like to see. But, one other small suggestion that I have regarding this is that if a Sigma clone is out of the question, the other enhancement would simply be that mission agents respect the safety setting - If you’ve selected SAFETY=ON so that your nav only plots hi sec routes, can’t the agents also respect that by only offering missions that involve you going to hi sec space?

Yet another thread perhaps?

Good way of putting it. Although I do love the op of the ships, well, at least for now.

As for

Turn on your hardeners and rep’s. I’m not sure how that one is going to go over.

I’m sure more will post once Europe wakes up.

Turn on your hardeners and rep’s.

Lol. Will do. I just hope my cap holds out overnight.

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CCP is trying to get rid of afk and semi afk playstyles. I started planning 2 yrs ago to unsub my 3 acct’s a yr ago. I resubbed this one with the 48 hr deal for new years.

You have come back at a tough time. My hope is they figure it out by the time I retire.

Isn’t that (in a word) dumb? I would have thought AFK means less strain on the server, better for CCP, not worse. Also, mining is boring as anything but a passive activity, and getting rid of AFK would only push more people to get interested in bots and the like I would have thought.

Hey OP,

I can not attest to all the changes…
But a few of them…

They changed how barges and exhumers work, eventually changed how the Orca worked…Battle Hulks in nullsec died overnight(as in the fits could no longer really be used)

CCP changed how Wars operated, especially in the cost variances, added ally mechanics which in some aspects made small wars not as viable anymore, Mercs started to form into larger and larger groups till most really could not fight them as they became akin to a nullsec blob fleet.

CCP nerfed HS ganking starting with taking away insurance, and then proceeded to war on organized gank groups by nerfing or declaring several adaptations as exploits.

AS to the alpha thing…or omega…
well my opinion…you get 720 hours in a sub, it takes only about 100 hours roughly for an unboosted proc to mine enough rock to get ISK to plex the following month.

That being said, we dont need any more other clone states, if you want to play casual and not pay for the game, thats fine…just dont ask for Omega level considerations cause ppl like myself will flame you and your thread to death.

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I warned you! lol

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Pricing structures are clearly a CCP thing and nothing we say or offer here will make a difference to what they think is the right direction to go.

With the above as context, at the moment, alphas can freely train to 5 million and then inject/daily rewards/etc. up to 20 million usable SP; and without doing the calculation (so someone who does the math might correct me here), if you were to buy injectors to get to the 20 million SP, it would already be more than a boxed AAA title currently is (and presumably with that pricing structure, the price would have to increase with inflation to match boxed titles increases) and provides less functionality than what you’ve proposed.

Additionally, I don’t think alphas are all that far away from all T1 and T2 hulls up to BS size already. Where they are limited is in access to certain missions (eg. no Level 4 mission access) and modules (eg. covops cloak, strip miners, etc.) and those are things that even paying a boxed price for access to the game, might not change much, so it is really worth it?

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Good point. In that respect it’s probably not worth it for most players, especially if they can trade ISK for PLEX for OMEGA on a casual basis and when they feel like it, and still play in Hi Sec if they wish during those times.

And to be frank, I’m still enjoying the game in Hi Sec with my alpha limitations, so it’s not like the kind of suggestion I’m going to go to the mat over as right now, I’m having fun and can’t beat the value. :wink: That said, what I’m suggesting is in part because I do feel a little guilty at not paying anything for the privilege. I don’t want to go to an omega sub because it won’t be worth it for my playing style, but I don’t entirely feel right about paying nothing. I’m just thinking it would be nice to have a middle ground for those who feel like they’re getting more than their money’s worth.

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Don’t feel bad. Ride out the age of chaos while you relearn the game.

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:slight_smile: that right there…

is definitely the right way to play EvE… fun per hour instead of ISK per hour…chasing the ISK/Plex will just make you a grumpy capsuleer.


The Hulk barely changed in the patches on exhumers, it’s just the other barges became far more viable because they moved away from the tiered system to a specialisation system. And amazingly once people had a choice to fit for what they wanted rather than max yield hulk being the only realistic fit… suddenly people fitted for other ideas.