We could get rid of static belts in high sec IF

We actually made MINING missions the place to go and mine in high sec.

Mining missions as they are now are just completely lame, you mine a non usable ore to turn in to an agent, YET, in combat missions there are minable roids???

Move the asteroids from the combat missions to the mining missions so if a mission runner (that mines), wants to mine roids can actually do that!

Level 1 Veldspar.

Level 2 Veldspar, Scordite.

Level 3 Veldspar, Scordite, Prox.

Level 4 Veldspar, Scordite, Prox, Plag, Kernite, Omber.

Ice, gas, as random additions to mining missions.

Seems that mining missions should be the place to have actual minable roids.

I would love that !

As a miner, I’d very much rather not.

  • Agents means standings, and standings suck. And they’d suck even more if high end ore is stuck behind a standings grind.

  • What are you supposed to ‘hand in’ to complete the mission? The ore you wanted to keep?

  • Accel gates are a PITA for haulers.

Just make ore anoms for scord, pyro and plag. And then keep static belts for veld.

Oh and also no omber or kern in hi-sec.

And another thing whilst we’re here: storyline missions that require omber and kern to complete are having a clear affect on their prices. Should we change the ore types to something else?

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Everything should be in static belts. Static belts regulate itself and cannot be mined ad nauseam unlike anomalies which just respawn all the time with full yield. Static belts are superior to anomalies in every single regard.
They have a wide variety of rocks, rock sizes and ore types; they deplete and take days to replenish which means people have to move around and it pays to find a good system with well filled belts; they are all over a system with hot spots around certain planets; they give systems unique characteristics by virtue of their number and thus make some systems more popular than others, and many other aspects make them better than anoms.
Anoms have nothing like that. They are always the same setup. There is no variety and thus no reason to check them for hidden goodies. They keep respawning with full yield once you mined one. You do not even need to search for them after Rattati and Psych had the gorgeous idea of putting 2 guaranteed ore anoms in every system. Ore anoms are dull and a lazy development approach.
It is time that Rattati and Psych realize this, too.

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Nah anoms are better.

Static belts are easily bookmarked and always spawn in the exact same systems for easy botting. They also only spawn at downtime so AU timezone and noob systems are left with scraps.

Anom availability and consistency can be tweaked with a dynamic system just like any other. They encourage moving around and are fair for peoples timezone.

They are the future.

Belts don’t replenish to full every DT. The replenshing process can be adjusted much better than anomalies unless CCP finds a way to make anoms not spawn with always the same contents. Belts encourage moving around just like anoms as belts are not always full. Plus, CCP removed the need to move around to search ore anoms with the introduction of ore anoms in every system. Anoms are just as easily bot-able and even easier to use than belts because everything is in one place, while belts have wildly different ore types and quantities in every belt. Added bonus of belts: Their scenery is wildly different in every belt that you visit. Ore anoms are always the same. Always. There is not a single shred of variation in their scenery. They are just like abyss sites or combat anoms. Dull, lazily designed and repetitive.

Belts are the better future but we will get the worse future anyway.

I can remember mining, it was very nauseating to say the least when grinding. But being more a PVE centered player, mining served its purpose early on.

Mining is a patient challenge that only the most patient turn out to be the best miners.

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