[mining change] mining makes roids take damage, then split in smaller parts

Sorry for the text wall. I tried to make it fun but it may look like a stupid wall.

What’s wrong at present time

Why I don’t like present mining :

  • our turrets don’t deal damage. No feeling of the asteroid going to hull, no need to OL the guns for that last part of damage, it’s all or nothing either the roid is finished at the end of the cycle or nothing. The ■■■■ ? I’ve been shooting it, it SHOULD take DMG !!!
  • no tracking involved. The asteroid has no way to escape the laser, even if asteroid is über tiny and I am orbiting it with 500mn venture (assuming I have the range, the pwr and the cap ^^ ). THIS IS BLASPHEMY. You should have to consider positioning when mining, reducing angular, adjusting to your optimal. I assume this is the main reason people keep mining in HS, because they don’t take the time to learn about tracking.
  • the ore magically disappear from the asteroid into our cargo WTF ?? That and asset safety are the only occurrences of items being magically moved by game mechanics. OKAY the damsel appearing in our cargo is another one, like the SOE mission that make people appear in my cargo without even knocking at the door first. But I guess Alitura had sent invitations first.

What I propose

First thing is : roids have a visible health bar. they also have an invisible “yield” bar. When they are destroyed (by SHOOTING THEM UNTIL THEY DIE) , they fragment in the proportion of their yield bar to max HP. yield bar is increased when a “mining” stuff damages it, at a rate of one per HP damaged. So If I DD a rock, it will produce 0 ore unless it was a mining DD. If a rock has lost 10% of its hp to mining tools, then the DD (assuming it one shots the roid) will produce 10% of what the rock could have dropped.

Then, mining lasers deal damage. Let’s say as much as their present yield. They also have tracking and thus a possibility to miss or crit. Tracking is They can be overheated to increase their DPS. Of course they have the flag “mining_yield” that makes it worth shootin a roid with it.
This also means that roids have sig, speed and hp. for the “belt” usual roid, sig is 400 and speed is 0. HP is HALF the volume of the max possible yield. This means that destroying a roid takes half as long as it did before . Why this “half as long” ? Because next :

Roids that are destroyed EXPLODE into “chunks” (maybe “aggregate” )of the ore that have a small speed (100 m/s), are already damaged up to the missing yield (eg if the veldspar mined to 90% hp then one shot by DD explodes, it creates chucks that are already damage to 10% hp because 90% is removed by the DD ) and are 40-90m sig. They yield bar is set to 0 si when mined they can’t go higher than their parent roid.
Each chunk as up to 4000 m³ or ore inside, ie a roid with 10 000 m³ will explode in 2 chunks of 4000 m³ (so 2k ehp)+ one of 2 000 m³ (1k ehp).
chunks are short-lived, they lose 10hp/s so at most one can go up to 200s = 0:3:20 to mine it. This is to avoid server memory issues.
If they are pointed their decaying stops. I’m not kidding. Get something fast to point them and web them will increase your mining yield. If you are alone, leave the big rocks or get enough points to keep the chunks you are not mining alive.
When a chunk is killed (or decays) it drops a small can containing the ore in proportion to its own yield bar. The ore belongs to noone. first loot - or tractor - first serve. Then porpoise tractor + sig amp becomes interesting.

What will it change ?

For a small alone venture, just mine one small roid to its death. Then follow the chunk and point it, mine it, then open the cargo and loot it. If you attack a too big chunk, there will be wastage as you can’t mine all the chunks before they disappear.

For a lone barge, same as venture ; however it will take longer to mine the chunks as their sig is small enough to have reduced damage. So a web may help.

For a small team, you should have someone webbing+painting the target chunk, and/or someone pointing the moving chunks if you mine big roids. IMO mining drones should have same tracking as barge lasers (modulated ) so people in ventures with points would be more efficient as drones for chunks, while people in barges/orca/porpoise/exhumer would be focusing on the biggest roids.


For gankers/ assholes / whatever : now you can shoot the asteroid / chunk to reduce it’s worth, steal the can (I guess you should become suspect if you did not participate in the extraction but it’s already complex enough)

I know it looks like a overly complex stupid idea. It just think it would be cool. And more consistent with Eve mechanics.

Who wouldn’t like a more dynamic lively universe where you do something as lowly as mining only to see asteroids break up or collide or even explode.
Unfortunately we’ll never get something like that with the current engine CCP uses

Now think about the TIDI when you pop a few billion rocks in 2.

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  1. Gankers now pop belts with smart bombs just after DT. congratulations. you just screwed high sec 100%.
  2. Miners have a built in tractorbeam that pulls the ore in. it’s right there in some of the item descriptions and visible in the graphics.
  3. If you want miners having to fit webs and painters, give them proper slot numbers for cruisers.

I don’t think it’s a matter of engine. Though I think we won’t see it, too.

well I guess that big rocks should be fractured into intermediate chunks. Anyhow with a<3min life (unless you point them) I don’t think they would clutter the server. Well at least not for long…

That would be stupid. SB have low DPs and too small range. Instead, just shoot the roids to make them useless !

tractor beam does TRACT , not teleport, things.

More important, correct fitting room. barges have less pwr than a frigate… I think +1 mid would still be useful (3/5/3 slots). I agree with you but that’s another issue.

Two seconds after server login I warp an alt into asteroid belts to fire on everything. Nobody has minerals anymore. Goodbye Eve.

Uh. look at retrievers for slots perhaps. And see the issue.
Also null would still have ore. just everyone else is screwed.

This is one of the more clever “I hate miners” threads I’ve seen, very well disguised at a glance.



Congrats !

You have posted the 1 millionth bad idea about mining.

Your prizes are:

  1. none of your ideas go farther than this forum posting.

  2. You are ‘awarded’ the ability to do something else in the game that you actually like doing rather than screwing up mining for people that actually like mining.

I got the issue, you mean it’s faster to destroy the roids than to actually mine them. In that case what about

  • roids HP is volume * 20 (so 20 000 m³ roid is 400 000 hp . This is *40/2 because the roids have to be mined twice)
  • mining equipement has DPS = yield*4, *40 vs roids (unboosted venture goes to 40dps maybe it’s too much ? hulk goes 160 DPS@35km when boosted)

In the end since we need to mine the roids twice, the effective mining speed remains the same(a venture will mine same volume per hour, etc.)

What is important here is that the DPS vs roids is increased for mining stuff (ie venture goes 40* 10/2 = 200 DPS vs roid, hulk boosted goes 160* 10/2=800DP. it’s /2 because the mining stuff needs to apply DPS twice to mine, while destruction only needs to apply it once) meaning it is half as fast to mine as it is to destroy roids (comparing specialized hulk to 1600 DPS specialized BS).

anoms do respawn, especially ice anoms which are the most worthy part of HS mining. also moon belts can be detonated at will. HOWEVER people could go in moon belt and destroy the ore.

I told you I know they suck. Just not the issue here. The mining line ships are just a joke, because CCP wants them to be destroyed - it’s just a fool’s game. Mining is boring, made in shitty ships, and makes you the prey of other because they can use dscan and warp on you at will.

How would a venture mine anything when everything is blown up?

It’s written in the first part of my proposal. Mining modules make the ore split in chunks, which in turn can be mined to produce ore cans.

IT’s blown up if

  • people use non-mining modules to mine it. basically the rate of non-mining damage is the rate of mineral loss.
  • miners don’t go after a chunk and let it die. Remember, you just need to point a chunk to avoid it from dying. you can point a chunk and mine another one.

Mine until it explodes. Switch targets. Or combat until it explodes. Switch targets.

This thread needs a lock…

I don’t get what you are trying to express. Please make correct sentence, not a random list of words.

For the same time you can either mine X volume of destroy 2X volume. You can’t destroy all the mining belts, because you don’t have the time. And anyhow the rats (mining fleets) already do a better job.

So killing random belts would be basically a waste of time. However killing targeted ore of targeted person(eg in moon belt) could make sense, even in null with a sniper fit.

This is a lie you have produced. I don’t need to destroy all the mining belts. Just 1/2 the hp of a rock that you need. Repeat until the only rocks left are veldspar. Easier with a smartbomb in areas which have normal ore. I have no reason to not do this to troll the entire high sec space. I can do this with a battleship. I can do this with a rookie ship. I merely need to smartbomb.

@ISD there is zero chance this will gain any headway… end it.

No, this is an explanation for you because you are trying to make thing different from what I have been saying.

nope, would not work. roids are too far from other, and the DPS of SB is too low plus would make you an easy concord target.

WTF ? if a rock has 100 HP, if you only deal 50 damage to it you will remove only 50% of its yield.

You definitely have no idea what you are talking about.

Just because you are not able to understand my idea does not give you any right to ask for its lock.

You’re not fooling anyone.

you are not bringing anything useful to the topic.

And actually, just because ten people are wrong does not make them right.

I adressed to original issue, and then you keep behaving like I had not. this is trolling.

This is a really stupid idea…
1.) Anybody could take a fleet and within an hour or two just destroy the rocks, and any loot cans your idea proposes for claiming the minerals.

2.) You are an idiot if you do not think the Lore does not cover how mining lasers works…they have micro-lasers that powderize the rocks and a built in tractor to pull in that material.

I agree with others
@ISD lock this thread