About the new visuals of asteroid depletion

Apparently we’re gonna get new visuals for mining roids in the 15 january update : https://updates.eveonline.com/card/5MuXr/visual-update-asteroid-depletion/

I wasn’t expecting anything new about mining visuals but this got more than my attention :comet:

EDIT : updated the title, and to those wondering about ice rocks, the animation is a blue-ish smoke coming out of the ice rock while it disappear, I like it.
This new animation only happens at the exact time the asteroid is empty after the last mining cycle applied to it.


Huh, never knew asteroids are flamable. Must be only carbon in them.


To me it looks more like the asteroid is melting than burning, like an metal bar about to go from solid to liquid, seems fitting given what the mining laser we use do to the rock.


Lavafication of asteroid? :thinking:

Could be. Considering flames, I think they are not needed. I hope droplets of hot magma would not damage the mining drones.

Too bad most bots aren’t going to see it. :rofl:

So basically back to childhood tales of setting dog ■■■■ on fire? :stuck_out_tongue:

Now if a roid popping would cause splash damage …


Those graphics looks dope, but since I have the Poor Man’s Computer, I’ll be forced to fly on the lowest graphics while multi boxing my four miners ^^"

Get a job.

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Hmmm… a serious miner never bothers to look at the asteroids. You look at your scanner results, updating it after each cycle, waiting for the counter to go down so the asteroid won’t yield a full cycle. Then you target your beam(s) to another asteroid, send in the drones to scoop the remnants of the non-cyclable rock and so on.

But then, EVE it’s about the eye candy too. :woman_shrugging:

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Never mined in nullsec or what ? You practically never one-cycle roids if you don’t go in too much crowded area.

Some do look at the roids like me, cause not everyone is multiboxing in potata mode and we have plenty of time to look at the scenery even with survey scanner and d-scan/local to check. It’s been years since asteroids going instantly poof out of existence was bothering people the same way ship exploding is now a thing.

Ah, so you mean it’s for Null? Makes sense. I hear it’s where all the real mining happens nowadays, with one guy paying 15 a month to do the job that used to require 5 highseccers paying 75 a month. :neutral_face:

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I was mentionning the size of the roids and the long time to mine one compared to the smaller highsec asteroids, but even then with orca boosts I still have time to look at them.

About nullsec, mercoxit roids can’t be mined with mining drones/excavator and will never be no matter how much Rorqual day one with injectors people cry about how annoying it is. And the rorqual is probably gonna see changes given how CCP is keeping a close eye on the ship since her last rebalance.

If this game would have keep its graphics and style of 2003 I would have stop a long time ago, even if the mechanics behind them have not been touched since then for some of them like mining missions, cosmos and a few others.

Right…why take care of the real problems if the staff can waste time on useless stuff like activity tracker or this right?

Make high PVP free and fight bots…THIS would be reasonable…

It’s a cosmethic change. The people doing it are graphics people, not coding people.

A what ?

I thought sittin’ in front of the computer during my free time before going back to college was already working !

Damn the government, they lied to me !

The goverment is always lying…they want to be re-elected :slight_smile:

Counter? You use alarms? I keep track of the roids IN MY HEAD! Noobs … sheesh … you’re not a real miner if you can’t tell when, in the cycle, the asteroid “pops” just by looking at the numbers!

: - )

I too used to look at the number in the counter. I would know stuff like “one cycle of Pyroxeres renders X units which take Y cubic meters so it takes Z cycles to empty that rock and N cycles to fill the hold and download into the Orca” and such. Guess that I could just refresh that abbility if I mined again. Just it won’t happen.

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I do the math with a calculator and turn off the miner at the % point… :slight_smile:

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