Asteroids and belt visuals

I’ll try not to ramble. I’ve just returned to EVE, as one does, from a long time gone. I decided to play a new toon and do the tutorial to help get back into the sense of things. During the tutorial I was captivated by how beautiful the game looks in this day and age. CCP you have seriously put in a lot of work in this department. The textures, the lighting, the space dust and colors. The planets! And especially, especially, especially, the asteroids. There was one particular scene I experienced in the tutorial that really took me. Immersed me. Made me happy to be back. And that was the area you go and help the mining fleet find the source of the signal. I mean breath taking piece of space. Giant colossal rocks and dusty space particles floating around, and the way the light from the sun bends throughout the scene and over objects… Man what a good looking place. I really felt a part of the world there. It saddens me though. That this seems to be a 1 of 1 scene. You see, I immediately logged on my main who I used to mine with and went to chase down this experience again. But I ended falling short. It seems the old anoms and belts are just as they’ve always bean. Sorta boring lol around a content that, lets be fair, is also boring lol. I really enjoy mining though and I can’t help but think that we could use a facelift in the visuals here. Especially now that I know you guys can make such breathtaking areas of space like that, in the tutorial. I don’t see why there can’t be more beautiful experiences when it comes to mining visuals. I know you guys are busy. It just seems you are very conscious about how your game looks and feels so hopefully you can understand my concern. Thank you!


Why bother? It would be that much more GPU load, and most miners are AFK anyway.


I think where you mine also determines the visuals.

Enormous anoms in null might have a different look than an over mined highsec anom. I couldn’t tell you for sure because it’s been almost 2 decades since I last mined in highsec, and over a decade since I last mined anything but moon goo for corp/alliance.

For the most part, @QuakeGod has it right. High end graphics are wasted on miners, most of whom spend their game play alt-tabbed to Netflix.


Anomaly Mining sites usually have more eye candy graphics compared to regular Asteroid Belts. Also some Security mission sites as well.

However the Security mission sites have NPC’s that when destroyed will cause the site to despawn when you warp out. The site will stay active if you don’t complete the main objective or if you keep an alt sitting in the site…

The best Security mission sites for Ore mining are the multi-room sites. Basically you clear out the first room, mine the Ore and ignore the second room. You have 7 days to complete the mission and the site will fully respawn after each downtime.