[Astra Mechanicus // AS-ME] Nullsec insmother corp is recuitning


We are a newly started corporation that rents a good system in null-sec, with a high ratting and industry index. We have access to a Soti and all goodies. So come on down and let you freak flag fly, we wont judge.

We have players from all around the world like Denmark, Australia, Russia just to name a few.

Current content we deliver.
-friendly banter
-having fun
-Fleet training / pvp roaming
-Mining boost

Sales pitch

Free Mining barge/ship defence ship for new members
Corp Buyback Program for ORE/PI/Salvage
Standing Fleets for system defence
Freighter route for Jita
Open for new players

**** - We require the following - ****

  • Full account API key with no expiry ticked.
  • coms when doing fleet operations

If you do not know what an API is look at this video -

if you are new we will help you, and if you are an old player just looking for a new home let us know!

We are based in
If you want to you can join our open channel
Astra Mechanicus

We dont have cake but we do have alot of ammo. Thats almost as good.

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