Astral Phenomena

Add weather effects across regions throughout eve, much like the effects in the Abyssal sites or WH’s. Perhaps the effects move across constellations in regions or happen once a month.

Some potential effects:

  • Gas Clouds(Three types)
  1. Blinding Cloud (Reduces targeting range by 5%) (Common)
  2. Corrosive Gas ( -5% to armor resists across the board) (Uncommon)
  3. Electrostatic Cloud (-5% to shield resists across the board)(Uncommon)

-Meteor Shower (Two types)
-Violent Barrage (Increases mercoxit spawns in belts, does damage over time to structures in ref. or low power) (Fairly Rare)
-Calm Shower (Increases spawn rates of rarer variations of rocks but decreases number of rocks in belts and anoms) (Common)

-Nebulas (Three Types)
-Murky Nebula (Increases align time by 5%) (Uncommon)
-Rocky Nebula (Decreases warp speed by 10%) (Fairly Rare)
-Caustic Nebula (Corrodes ships by 1% of shields then armor but increases gaseous spawn rates) (Super Rare)

-Rogue Planet (One Type)
-Rogue Planet (Randomly generates a planet that will drift from system to system that has insanely high stats) (Super Rare)

-Comets (Two Types)
-Comet Tails (Leaves behind ice sites with valuable ice, lasts 72 hours) (Fairly Rare)
-Comet Remnant (Creates a rare mineable anom with r8 moon ores, lasts only 24 hours) (Uncommon)

-Radiation (Three Types)
-Electromagnetic Radiation(Increases EM damage by 1.5, decreases EM resists by 25%) (Super Rare) (Lasts 12 hours)
-Neutron Radiation (Increases Kinetic and Thermal damage by 1.5, decreases Therm and Kinetic resists by 12.5% each) (Fairly Rare) (Lasts 24 hours)
-Nuclear Radiation (Increases Blast damage by 1.5, decreases Blast resists by 25%) (Super Rare) (Lasts 12 hours)

With Regards to where these effects would Occur, I believe that these effects should roam from constellation to constellation, across region boundaries. This weather could also introduce two new upwell structures

-‘Zwiten’ Weather Outpost, an upwell structure without tether and docking capabilities but gives a region a 36 hour warning before an effect hits a constellation. Classified as an XS structure with no ref timer. No module slots. About 750 million isk. Does not require SOV

-‘Eto’ Observatory, Allows the owners of the observatory to see what effects will be hitting a certain region in the next week. Must be ‘aligned’ to the region for it to observe, making it vulnerable for 6 hours. Classified as an ‘L’ structure with ref timers of a fortizar. Has docking and tether, but no module slots. Can’t observe region it is in. About 3.5 billion isk. Requires SOV

And Finally, these weather anomalies will add one final ship to the game

  • The ‘Detector’, a t2 venture variation that is immune to Astral Phenomena. Has 3 high slots, 3 mids, and 3 lows. has a 10% bonus to scanning strength per expedition frigate level and a 3% reduction in gas harvester cycle time per mining frigate level. Can fit 2 turrets. has 0 bandwidth. 200 shield, 200 armor, and 600 hull. 10000m3 ore/gas hold. Approximately 25 million

I am of the belief that astral phenomena would allow for more interesting strategies when fighting, invasions could be timed to when different astral phenomena occur. It would make space seem more like, well space.

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