System Effects

I lived in a pulsar wormhole for about a year. During this time, I found life to be a little more interesting because you had to know the status effects of the systems you entered. I believe this can actually help change things up a little. Create a few system effects for k-space. The possibilities are limitless. Slower or faster align times or mass, reduction or increase of the directional scanner distance, buffs or nerfs to shields, armor, resistances. Disallowing of cloaks. Increased or decreased capacitor drain. More or less rocks mined per hour. Endless possibilities.

Not every system would have effects and it be at full discretion of the developers to make it fair with the amount of these systems in a region or constellation, perhaps make effects roaming and random. I do believe you should hold trade hubs exempt. Anyways, I feel this would bring some new interesting game play to eve. Thank you for reading.

Random effects sound nice when you first think of it but having the sov you fought over and spent trillions in upgrading get trashed by random anomalies doesn’t seem appealing what would end up happening is more people staying in hisec to avoid the added as you say “random roaming” grief.
When you lived in a hole you knew your effects and they were always there having then move around would just force people to have too many ships or ship fits for different days of the week or would cause unwanted frustration :wink:

I can clearly see your voice for concern on the sov matter. I have no clue of the full ramifications of my idea either. Where you seeing all the negative for the sov holders, you completely bypassed any of the good things that could happen to them with buffs in a random system they knew about but the enemy didn’t. It could go either way. I also made it very clear that I knew an overwhelming amount of these systems would go badly and I didn’t limit this to any security status, only trade hubs. Your thinking that 25 out 30 systems would have random status where I’m thinking 1 or 2 out of a region.

Well then just a handful of systems per region is not bad really.

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