Star systems

I noticed that in “exotic worm hole space” certain space /star systems have massive in game implications for ships. That’s great…

…but why not gradually implement the same in regular systems? All star systems have certain effects based on radiation of the star, distance from the star, cryogenic temperatures, etc. I can easily imagine certain zones (let’s say four) around any star, hence in any system in eve, with some variation depending on the star mass and temperature. A system in a massive blue giant will be quite intense, whereas white dwarfs will only be noteworthy very close to the star itself.

A mix of effects on weapon damage, ability to overheat, shield, armor, vessel speed, etc. etc. will create a diversification in combat choices in any star system. I am all for adding more granularity of experience in Eve, and adding temperature shells for all star systems seems easy enough a step forward.

We are simulating a space game right? Then simulate space, if only in a cliche, token fashion.

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The effects would have to be diversified from what we already see in WH space in order to keep that area unique. For example, adding effects that affect mining for example, manufacturing, warp speeds…I can imagine a system that has a star that grants a 20% increase to warp speed in zone 1 nearest the star and 5% reduction the further out lol seeing your ship get faster the closer it warped by a star and reduce speed the further away it got. Basically we need other ideas than what already exist in wh space which could be fun and engaging at the same time.

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Not a bad idea. I could definitely see the benefit of applying unique system effects in some kspace systems too.

Actually, I’d like to see a Black Hole Expansion for EVE, but that’s it’s own topic. System effects in a limited number of systems would make things interesting.

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Man, that reads so right and so, so wrong at the same time… :smiley:

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Plenty of reasons not to do something like this.

First off, Eve isn’t a remotely realistic game. It’s not trying to simulate space and therefore things like this should be driven by gameplay considerations. Also on a lore related note it doesn’t make much sense to have the same sorts of effects as W-space in K-space since k-space systems are inhabited by definition so they wouldn’t have selected a system that was uninhabitable due to its star.

Also on a further lore note it doesn’t make much sense for a ship to be designed to operate in a variety of environments to be adversely affected by the environment it’s designed to fight in.

Furthermore this doesn’t really fit well with existing gameplay. Mission, anomaly, and other combat sites are distributed more or less randomly, meaning there’s no way to choose ahead of time what environment you’ll be fighting in.

For PvP you basically end up promoting camping by having someone sitting in the environment most suitable for their ship, and the only people who are going to come fight them are either people who are ignorant of the mechanics or people in similar fits that take advantage of the environment.

W-space has neither of these problems because its effects are system-wide and because of the way wormhole travel interacts with these effects. If someone wants to take advantage of these effects they can pretty easily swap ships and there’s no risk of PvE mechanics sending someone into them randomly.

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