Differentiated temperature effects in EVERY system

Star systems are dynamic environments. Close to a star it’s hot. Further from a star it’s cold. This can be argued to have significant effect on how vessels (and stations?) operate. This can be a granular effect where each grid calculates proximity to the main star and determines ​temperature/radiation effects
​for vessels

  • deep cryogenic (kuyper belt analogue)
  • cryogsnic
  • very cold
  • cold
  • intermediate
  • hot
  • very hot
  • stellar corona.

Essentially these effects are like space weather. Certain fleets could then leverage these zones for defensive or offensive purposes. Certain regions might have better benefits for mining, but they make other parts of the vessels operation for vulnerable. Certain local effects may be included, say - radiation belts around gas giants.

Yes I know - CCP makes an only superficially immersive storytelling game, they have long since given up any pretense of realism … but maybe it’s time to gentle coax them back in to at least pretending this is a Science Fiction game.

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