Space-specific Modules/Ships

I was wondering if in order to address that different ships have different impact on the pvp environment of different spaces (NS/WH/LS) if perhaps a way of addressing that difference would be to simply make some space-specific modules or ships. For example, dropping a FAX in a wh fight has a WAY bigger effect on a fight than in null, so why not add a j-space-only form of neut or a j-space-version of the bhaalgorn that allows CCP to address that imbalance without affecting null. You could make it to where the module only works within the specific environment or the ship has limited capabilities due to not being able to use all its systems if flown outside the environment it was made for. This can be an interesting new way of adding new modules/ships to the game and would allow for players to develop new playstyles. Just an idea from a fairly new player. Would love opinions and input in order to refine.

I would first go ahead and take the time to gain more experience in the game before suggesting such changes. There are so many secondary effects that reach far beyond merely the ship itself (for example, it’s use cases in solo, small gang, large gang, large fleet fights, industry, etc.) that such change would impact.

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You can also add in the individual Wormhole effects.

Some are positive and others negative, anyone entering a wormhole has no idea what those effects are till someone in fleet enters the wormhole, so those living in that hole will have the advantage as they have fitted their ships to counter the negatives and gain more from the bonuses.

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