Planetary and stars aesthetics

Is it possible in the future to add some effects to the stars? Like solar flares and planetary magnetic fields effects that relate to these solar flares? Aurora borealis on some planets would look amazing. Further on, on the same idea, when warping towards a star, is it possible to add some effects to the shields, like particle impacts on the shield that become more apparent according to the distance from the star?

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Already exists.

Effects on shields indicate that your shield is taking damage. Adding such effects would only create confusion about what attacks you or why you don’t take damage despite visible shield effects. Camera artifacts could be an option but I cannot imagine that it would be a nice experience if your cam stars flickering or show heavier and heavier grain every time you warp to the star or through its grid.

I would like the ability to turn off the sun.

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I see. Thanks for the reply and the reasoning. Wasn’t thinking about PVP/PVE factors. Fly safe o7 (or not :smile: )

a sun / nebula dimming effect would be nice. It’s so bright.

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