Intrastellar destinations

Eve deals with stellar systems. For some arcane reason the game only deals with a super narrow band of stellar systems. It’s clear now this is a small few percent of stars. I invite CCP to add more realistic science in the following areas…

1 - a precise designation of what kind of stars we are dealing with and then pay at least SOME homage to the physiology of these stars. Star systems with a stellar type of F and over will be mostly barren and uninhabitable except by science, territorial and industrial missions. The focus should be on G, K, M stars and it would be awesome if we would see realistic system distances, planet types (eyeball planets?) and maybe some homage to stellar phenomena.

2 - Star systems are small patches of a galactic environment. There should be destinations in the interstellar voids, possibly orbiting extremely cold. dark pluto like objects or large comets. Interstellar bases could be sources of pirate activity.

3 - my heart will leap with joy the day we see “somewhat realistic” neutron stars, white dwarfs, pulsars, black holes in the game.

Eve is steadily branching away from realism. Right now it’s noticeable but within years it will become so laughably it will destroy suspension of disbelief. Changes must be made now.

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Sometimes, when I think about how many great possibilities there are for Eve, it gives me a chuckle at how CCP doesn’t implement anything at all.


“Space is big. You just won’t believe how vastly, hugely, mind-bogglingly big it is. I mean, you may think it’s a long way down the road to the chemist’s, but that’s just peanuts to space.”

Do you really, really want an accurate real-time simulation? correct physics and all? or is it just “I want lots of emptiness where I’ll statistically never ever see anyone or anything beyond this miserable little rock in the middle of nowhere”?
Heat Death as applied to online gaming - an interesting thought.

The world CCP have created is a reasonable one: there are reasons you are only in systems, not in deep space. The physics model is consistent - OK, it’s laser firing submarine billiards at heart, but it is consistent. Some of the effects work is nicely executed (I really like the way wormholes look - It beats most TV or Film renditions). There are even good reasons why you don’t have a large number of uninhabited systems: why would you go to the cost and difficulty of building a jumpgate to serve an un-inhabitable hostile mineral poor backwater?

Basically: Eve isn’t the game you describe: that’s not what it is - Eve is Science Fantasy, the same way Star Wars or a myriad other things are. You want it to be something else: Intergalactic Kerbals for example.

I can see the temptation of such a game - but I like Eve as it is, if I want something different I’ll go and play something else.


Elite Dangerous is that way ----->

Eve isn’t about realism - nothing in our current understanding of the physical universe suggests that we will ever be able to travel around within a solar system at thousands of times the speed of light or instantly cross the light years of space separating stars.

Eve is about entertainment - the ability to get to your destination and accomplish whatever you wanted to do there in a single play session trumps the laws of physics. That’s a good thing - the game would be unplayable otherwise.

There are opportunities within solar systems that CCP is not exploiting - Kuiper belts or Oort clouds could be lawless regions in highsec systems. I have no idea if they’re on the development roadmap or if other players are interested, but to me, it makes more sense to expand gameplay options within existing systems than to add more space.


Yes. Realism per se might be a lot to consider, but the fact that so much potential space environments are not being added are kind of sad and a bit frustrating to be honest. I´ve been hoping for 17 years almost, maybe one day.

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