EVE Stellarium

I would really love to see an optional stellarium feature, where we can see all systems of the current region highlighted and named in the sky when undocked. All the stars and nebula displayed in their correct place from each system is a nice feature already i apprechiate much. Adding a stellarium with highlighting and displaying names would further improve the sense of where you are within New Eden.

We got the option to display the autopilot route while in space, which already utilizes the correct position of all systems. I hence think it would be relatively easy to be implemented highlights and names for region systems.


I love it!

I guess you mean a setting that shows something like this?

I agree, this would be a really nice addition to the game. Both for new players and experienced players.

It would indeed improve the sense of where you are within New Eden. I remember the incredible feeling when I found out as newbie that that those strange ‚Äėconstellation lines‚Äô in the skybox were in fact my route, and that other surrounding star systems were actually visible on the skybox and that star gates were pointing towards those stars! It was part of what sold me to this game - details unnecessary for gameplay yet really nicely done for the immersion and feeling of being out there in space.

In addition to giving players a better sense of where they are, it also has uses for gameplay too. With this ‚ÄėEVE stellarium‚Äô active, it would be easier to see which system a jump-capable ship jumped to. While this is already possible with the ingame map trying a lot of different routes to figure out which star is which, a stellarium setting would make that a lot easier.

CCP, please?


Yes, a simple overlay with all the names projected on the skybox like on the image. Was too lazy to make a mock up screenshot :smiley: Thought about region stars, as you definitely have to constrain it. But a certain lightyears range would probably work too to always have a bubble of systems displayed around you.

Did not really think about deeper practical applications of this, but yes, would be an additional way to determine jump destinations. Could later also be used for actual gameplay, similar to how we had Carolines Star back then and people located where its origin is. But with an actual purpose. Like have special (SOE?) missions where you need to travel several systems around and find the one from where stars form a certain constellation. Then return back to the agent and choose the correct system from a multiple-choice list to get the next hint. A cosmic paper chase.

Lots of other practical uses for this i guess. Lots of potential beyond pure visuals/navigation.

That would be really fancy.


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