Finding where a pic was taken from star positions?

Am I right in saying that the positions of stars behind your ship will change depending on the solar system you’re in, correct? Could this theoretically be used to determine which system a picture was taken if, say, the name of system was obscured?

I don’t have a stake in this to be clear, I’m just interested if this is possible, or has been suggested before, or even used before.

Some do. They will be the brighter stars in the background.
As far as I know, the rest of it is simply background “wallpaper.”

Fun fact: If you chart a path with the auto-pilot mechanic the outlines of the course will appear in space… tracing out the stars.

I know that people can guesstimate where another person is based on the nebula (it is different for each major region) and some markers (such as how far the debris from Carolina’s Star is).

Beyond that, I am not sure. I wouldn’t put it past someone to do this though.
One thing I will say is that EVE players have a tendency for doing outrageously tedious things for the sake of a giggle.

Uuuuhhhh huuhhhhhhhh
Your line of questioning is oddly specific so I suspect that you have some… ideas. :wink:

Here’s some friendly advice: Focus on how to play the game as it is first.
This is a bit of a “mature” game in the sense that people have figured out (and are quite good at) how to manipulate multiple systems that once existed, still exist, and might exist in the future.
Some mechanics are what they are for a reason.

Case and point: One of the current hotbutton issues (related to the idea you are hinting at) is “intel gathering” and how some intel is too easy/hard to obtain and too easy/hard to counter.
There are a lot of facets to this issue and experience is needed to make an informed opinion.


In my professional opinion (I’m a mathematician) I think this might be possible, but not easy. I have some rough ideas on how to go about it.

Someone asked me if it would be possible to infer the location of someone live-streaming with system names obscured a couple of years ago and working out the maths for this has been on my to-do list ever since.

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I actually thought about this idea when watching some videos about that minecraft server 2B2T; because the seed for the map (which has never been changed, it’s 10-11 years old) is public you have to make sure you don’t show ANY terrain in your picture, because programs can be used to determine where the picture was taken by comparing the terrain in the picture to terrain in the seed for the world.

Bedrock can also be used to determine the location of a picture, because funnily enough, bedrock patterns are the same between every minecraft world, only changing between versions

Thanks for the replies so far. I already suspected nebulas would be useful for this geolocation idea

You can use the nebula to determine the region.

It’s much harder, if not impossible to use the stars to determine the system. Only very few stars in the skybox are representing nearby systems, so you would need to know exactly which stars to look for.

Much easier is it if you see a route plotted on the skybox, as that gives away the relevant star systems and also gives away their relative positions to your current system. With a route of 4+ stars plotted on the skybox it should be possible to find the name of the current system. But it would still take a lot of effort to look through the region to find routes that could possibly match the one you see on the skybox. :smiley:

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