Hide system name

Can we get an option to hide the system name on the solar system map like we had on old ui? Would be a big help to streamers

Didnt f11 just hide the whole UI?

Wouldn’t keep you from being found anyway. Locator agents exist. Also, players can tell the area you are in simply by the color of the background, maybe even the exact constellation…

Click on the sun icon in the left side panel. //well I use classic UI so maybe it is different in Photon, but I don’t see system name on Solar Map anymore if I hide it via sun icon.


Works on Photon too.

Not just region? Wow… that said most people who want to stream snipe probably wouldn’t be dedicated enough to try if the most obvious way to locate is obscured unless they were dedicated enough to use an agent in which case the stream didn’t help them anyways

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