Add a "Show Agents" and "Show Mining Ressources" to the contextual menu in system Map

Setting up the context (the actual suggestion is below that)

For many reasons, you may want to look for NPC Agents in distant region(s). The Agency have that UI covered pretty well with lots of filters to allow finetuning your search. Similarly for miners/industrialists, regarding ressources.

For many reasons, many if not all players are using the Map. Often times to setup destination(s), but also simply to “explore” one or some regions we are more or less familiar with. Whether we have a strong idea to move somewhere (like moving to your new corp HQ), or if an idea is making its way into your daily routine and you start to feel that need to move.

The suggestion

From the Agency, If I’m looking at ressources, combat sites, anomalies or anything were a system is shown, I can right click it and select “Show on Map”.

Missing from the Agency, but it would be nice to have a “Show on map” option when right licking an agent on the result screen.

From the Map, it would be great to have new contextual menu options to Show Agents and Show Mining Ressources when right clicking on a system, or on a constellation and Region name. The Agency would be open with some relevent filters pre-selected. Though some filters would be set to the default “Any […]” (agent type, level, security and faction), the filters for the location would be specific to the system selected, or specific to the constellation (yet “any system” of that constellation) , or specific to that region (yet "any constellation) of that region).

Which brings me to a currently missing filter in the Agency, for all of this to work : an additional “System” filter, right below the selection for a specific constellation, visible only when a specific constellation is selected. The “Current system” option is fine when I’m currently in that system, but It would be nice to also have the option to filter on a specific distant system (whether the current suggestion for new contextual menu options in the Map is implemented or not).


+1 for “Show on map” option.
Showing more than 30 results would also be nice :slight_smile:
On a relatively unrelated note, the fitting simulator does not seem to show mining yield, but it does display dps if you fit turrets and ammo. mining yield in fitting sim pls?

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