Making the agency map useful

I’m not sure about the agency yet, but it would go a long way if it were possible to actually access all information through it instead of just a few things and at the same time if it didn’t try to load stuff for us unless we want it to (to reduce lag, since that window is terrible).

To do so:
Keep the distance filter available when using the suggested/combat/mining selections. This will help getting local content if one wants, and a diversity of suggestions can be obtained by using the “any distance” filter. It removes nothing.

When displaying multiple basic cards and map icons for the same system, make it so the tooltip for that system shows information for everything (ex.: when mining is selected, if there are asteroid belts and resource wars sites in that system, list both, not just info for the one which happens to be on top. You already have tooltips that can be clicked, so enable us to click the tooltip to select which expanded card we want to see.

Replace the “current system” filter with a “0 jumps”, then, when that filter is in use, allow us to click systems to populate the basic cards for that system only with everything that would make it in the “recommended/combat/mining/specify” list. This way we can get a detailed picture of nearby systems if we want to, or a general picture by setting the range further. Regular restrictions apply (ex.: even if combat is selected, you can only see FOBs by clicking on systems a max of 2 jumps away).

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