Agency system, suggestions

Hello CCP,

This other day I wanted to the “suggested” Tab of the new and improved agency window.
It suggested to do one of the “Resource Wars”

Instead of actually checking what level it was. I just flew to it. And found out my standings were to low :(.

So now I am wondering why this systems suggests things to do that I can not even do.

So my idea is to change it so that it only suggests things I have the actual standings for :slight_smile:


Ever heard of a thing called Filters? They’re great to keep you from facepalming yourself when you’re too lazy to check the lvl of the resource war site.

In fact they actually make everything much easier.

But I agree, Suggested should not suggest things you cannot do.


For the Yoiul Festival challenges…my brother keeps getting the kill drones, and i keep getting complete sites…he easily finishes his ‘kill’ task inside of like two sites…but i’m sitting there going…well now i need 4 more sites…oh now 6 more, and 8 more…oh now i need another 16 for the next level…every day the same two, mining and site completions *facepalm

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