Filter Out Completed Missions

I’m trying to go through a run of all the career agents, because why not. Because of this, my Career Agents tab is flooded by missions that I’ve already completed. You can sort agents by type, by location, by level, and by corporation. I’d love to be able to filter out missions that I’ve already completed. Seeing as you already have the technology to see whether or not a mission was completed, it would only be a simple UI change.

Thank you for your time. I really enjoy EVE.

No, it wouldnt. Nothing is ever “simple” for things like this. :thinking: You know, this is why end-users shouldnt be allowed to ask for features most of the time.

It’s also how they develop thought processes for the functions that would be worth the time to implement. This particular one used to be part of the agent finder if memory serves…

I have developed games previously, working on small projects for months. If the background behind the UI was developed anywhere nearly as competently as I could reasonably imagine, I could go in and make the tweak, if permitted.

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