The Star Map Needs ❤ Calling on Team Psycho Sisters

The new star map needs CCP’s devs to dig into it and work a backlog of updates to take it to true usability. Here are some of my suggestions. Please add yours.

  • The lines between all stars in the cluster should be visible by default unless you click one of the filters at the top of the window to reduce the number of lines to region, constellation, or solar system.

  • The lines between stars need to be significantly brightened

  • Selecting a region, constellation, or solar system should not automatically engage the filters at the top. Instead, it should merely enable the labels on star systems in that area.

  • The data visualizations for statistical viewing (number of pilots in system, for example) need more dramatic differentiation of color and size.

  • The data visualizations for statistical views in the star map should include the ability to see “My corp members in space”.

  • A pilot should be able to select a jump portal array (friendly) as a destination from the star map, include the jump in navigation, and have the path pick back up at the exit of the jump portal.

  • Including a jump bridge in you navigation plan (waypoints) should also predict how much aids you will take by using it.

  • It should be possible to set navigation to “Round Trip” and double back the way you came without having to replot navigation.

  • Friendly jump bridge lines could be fainter (they are blindingly bright in comparison to lines between systems)

  • When I set a destination, the star map should include a small informational text that predicts how much time will elapse traveling full speed to the destination. As I approach and speed up or slow down the approach, it should recalculate. That way, as an pilot traveling through multiple gates, I can say “I am 5 minutes away” instead of “7 jumps away.”

  • Star systems currently marked as avoid should blink red and be very noticeable on the star map so that I will remember to disable them if I have them enabled.

  • If I am a fleet commander, and I set a destination, I should be able to push that path down to my fleet members’ navigation computers so their star maps automatically pick up the pathing and everyone will use the same gates instead of randomly dividing between two equal paths.

  • When I select to choose safer path, the star map should show me the alternative path that would be more dangerous like a GPS mapping system so that I can maybe be tempted to take the risk because of saved time (see user story above about showing time away from destination).

  • As a capital pilot sitting in my capital ship I should be able to select a filter for “systems within jump range” and have those systems become brighter and display labels while other systems dim and do not show labels rather than just a white globe.

  • As a pilot of any kind, I should be able to select a filter which colorizes star systems based on LY distance, and the star map should display a tactical view with increasing concentric rings out from my current system showing distance in LY in 5 LY increments all the way across the cluster.

  • As a capital pilot, I should be able to set a navigation path that is based on jump drive hops from system to system, selecting citadels or stations to jump to from within the star map alone, plotting my course across the cluster jump by jump. If I set a jump destination 20 LY away, a path there using my max jump range should be suggested by the star map.


Thanks for posting this. I think some of these ideas are pretty good and well worth consideration by CCP.

I particularly like:

The idea of being able to set the navigation to a system as a round trip so that you don’t have to replot navigation on the way back. This would be a real time saver.

Having some informational text with a rough idea of how much time will elapse during travelling full speed to the destination. Obviously, it will depend on how quickly you jump, but it would still be useful.

Star systems to avoid blinking red and being very noticeable would also be good - there’s a few that I like to avoid for various reasons.

As far as the data visualizations for statistical viewing go, I wonder if there ought to be a pop up window that appears as you hover over the name after a second or so with some information on it (number of pilots, number of recent kills, starbase and refinery info, etc).


Passed over to the relevant team (Psycho Sisters, rather than Five O. Five O are the main game play team. This is a UI/UX issue)


Fixed it to Psycho Sisters.

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I’d also like to see “Focus current location” become a toggle. I’d like it to center on the system and zoom so that I can see the last outer object like a stargate. While it is true you can click the button to re-center, zooming get’s to be a hassle. The map browser has this feature and it’s really the only reason I use the map browser and I don’t like that it takes up too much space.

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Came here to post about the ingame galaxy map, how terribad it is currently, found this topic, could not agree more.

I sincerely miss the old map where we could FLATTEN and ignore the 3D side of the map, we could see clearly routs to roam thru, connections between regions and constellations and alot more, now it’s really impossible to do anything as it is.

Most of the points mentioned by OP are spot on, specially the lines they are nearly impossible to see

Merge Agency filters into map.

As for completely flat 2d map, its bad for me. Some stars are so close that it becomes confusing.

I liked the colored tiles for the system ownership tho. I wonder if that data presentation could be changed into 3D clouds of low poly, tinted, connecting, polygonal shapes. Probably would need some algorithm.

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