The map is missing some features that would make it a lot more nice

(radkid10) #1

it would be nice to set a destination to a place without the game making me take a route through 0.0 or low sec

there should also be a slider so you can improve the filtering process I want to find a solar system that has less than 10 people traveling through it per hour I can set a filter for how many jumps per hour but it shows me every ■■■■■■■ solar system lit up I want to find specific numbers of how many people that have travel through an area per hour

I also think there should be a separate tab for sovereignty for npcs

it would be nice to be able to draw your own custom route on the map

(Daichi Yamato) #2
  • press the ‘A’ next to your route on the hud. Set the auto-pilot to ‘prefer safer’ setting. It wont take you through low or null unless it has to or unless you are ‘avoiding’ systems in the only hi-sec routes.

  • This might be a nice idea. Viewing lists of systems using certain filters.

  • I thought there was already…

  • This can also be done. Right click a system on the map and press ‘add waypoint’.