Improving the map's readability

As of right now, the new star map is unusable. The background is light gray and the lines between systems are 90% transparent. Here’s a screenshot. How did this happen ?

Please make the lines brighter on darker background.

Just use the old map and hammer it into CCP’s thick skulls that they should imitate the old map and not try “something new”.


Because it dims the area you don’t have selected.
That screenshot tells me you obviously don’t have that region in focus.

Ok, it might not be the best thing to be auto dimming regions, and there should be a setting where all lines are fairly bright. But you seem to have found the worst possible screenshot you can make there.

I took the worst possible screenshot by opening the star map and finding a region without bridges. The worst possible readability is the standard use of any map.

Lines shouldn’t be visible only when the region’s label is selected. Chances are I want to see 2 regions at the same time, or select a system and still be able to read the map, or just not lose time clicking a label everytime I open the map.

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