I would really really like to see more "narrative immersion’ in eve. Eve is quite often driven by combat mechanics, player mechanics, game mechanics. I would like to see less of that “greengrocery” into the 2020s.

Eve is drifting away from realism into something like retro-futurism, or camp. I think that’s bad. Eve is one of the best games out there, arguably the best MMO. But gradually eve is becoming affixed to a 1970s flavor of science fiction. It’s drifting away into an archaic conception of space opera, espousing a frightful historically repugnant style of ruthless capitalist fascism.

It’s hard to escape this trap. But I would seriously prefer to see more diverse hard science fiction tropes in the game. The best place to start ould be to pay mote attention to real people in the storyline…

  • colonization efforts, colonist vessels, suppying colonies, orbital structures, O neil habitats

Right now large populations are some kind of esoteric peripheral afterthought. Eve seems to have huge populations of cardboard cutouts.

  • planets

Planets have very little meaning. I would love to see more attention to PI, where icome streams incorporate detailed human populations. What if we can start populatd colonies, and these colonies have people, trade, need food resources?

  • ships

Ships are by and large for inflicting damage, taking damage, or transporting things to deal with damage. What if we can have ships that take the narrative of people forward? Diplomatic vessels. Cargo vessels. Colonial ships. Science vessels. What if we have missions or a meaningful activity resembling the actual world of airplains or ships?

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You do know EVE has always been a dystopia right?

Also you do know that the Empires have already colonised the planets right, it’s not a virgin untouched area, we aren’t colonising and exploring the rim etc.

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Jeez. You are as bad as those vicious IGS guys.

I don’t think EVE was ever intending to drift towards “realism”. Where did you ever get that delusion?

I think it’s a good idea to have more things to do with planets, aside from planetary productions.

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Eve was originally a dystopic, cutthroat neo-capitalist setting.

Human life is meaningless to capsuleers in the pursuit of wealth and power.

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Uh… Before CCP had any concerns with realism, first they’d have to make their game engine into something other than a cartoon (enable unit collision, criminal status for ramming, etc). EVE has never been realistic in any way, and the gank kids like it that way, so it’s unlikely to change.

Yes the “gank kids” like it that way. It couldn’t possibly the farmers who endlessly shoot reappearing brain dead enemies, or farm ore that magically pops into existence every downtime who like their game not to be a perfect simulation of reality.


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lmao, you mean the gank kids who like shooting through solid objects, ramming ships with no damage, and abusing the concord system for free loot?

It’s not about realism, it’s about not being crap.

As long as they allow kids to abuse the system and call it a “feature” they’re just showing themselves to be too lazy and negligent with their product to be worth a subscription.

They just aren’t practical features.

Criminal status for bumping would be abused by the ‘ganking kids’ when they figure out a way to make you ‘bump’ them.

And ‘line of site’ mechanics massively increases the server load of each and every shot.

I’m here for the game play, and don’t give a fedo poop about Eve’s lore, characters, and stories. So what ever lore additions/changes makes the RP’ers happy is fine by me. However, I’d rather they make interesting lore for solid game design, than for them try to design around the lore. I guess some lore related ships would be fine as long as they were properly balanced, but messing with things like industry, purely for lore reasons, sounds sounds downright silly to me.

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